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Our Magento Work:

Apr 13, 2017

2248 Valeria Assetskaya

Our Magento Work:

Deine Tür is a door shop with the largest assortment in German-speaking countries. You can buy almost all types of interior doors and frames, in any type and finish. They are particularly proud of the extensive configuration options for new doors they can offer. This way, every customer wish is immediately and easily fulfilled.

They were looking for a Magento team to help them with customer account customization: force client to change the password if it is too old. We created a date-config field in admin to set the date since when all passwords shall be renewed (e.g. new password requirements). On customer account we added login check if last reset of this password is older than configured date and if the date is older we made redirect to password-reset and present a configurable message.


Our Works:

The next requirement we worked on was to create a possibility to define item-descriptions for the customer. We added a text field to let the customer add the description on cart, order-review and customer account. This feature is now live and works perfectly.

We assisted with customization of third party 360 view extension. The necessity was to have the option to change the loaded picture, the feature was not included in basic functional so we implemented.

At the next stage our team was working on more complex and time consuming task such as custom option extension customization to combine with third party product management system ( The client uses Cobby for management of the products which allows easy and fast editing of products, but since they have a module installed which extends custom options, these options need to be treated separately. So our task was to create a source model for this attribute which allows to select assigned templates analog, create observers for save in admin to maintain this attribute to every product and create observer for Cobby import to reassign templates from synced attribute on live.


Our Works:

The client wanted to establish the website to be more attractive for resellers, so they needed to display of prices excluding tax, and the prices should be lower. Besides reseller shall be able to have multiple consignments for their customers.

We customized an extension which enables the admin to forbid access to all products and categories for certain customer groups, added the possibility to calculate totals for consignment, export consignment and buy consignment.

As many other e-commerce sites, Deine Tür uses PayPal payment system, which is one of the most popular. But, unfortunately, extensions present on market place not always fulfill merchant needs. We customized PayPal Plus module to provide a decent integration in Magento, ensure this module works with et_paymentcharge and amazon payments, create a way to integrate surcharges to PayPal plus payment.

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Our Works:

Deine Tür is an online door shop which offers the client the possibility to choose the door on the Internet as easy as in real store. We developed advanced product option to allow the customers set all specific door parameters and its accessories. The major development work was the back end to allow sophisticated product setup.

The shipping option are optimized and extended on Deine Tür site. We worked on the custom development to distinguish shipping costs accordingly to the selected delivery point (the delivery is worldwide) and delivery options, like partial shipping for example. In addition shipment costs are in principal dependent on total value of the cart and if specific products or products from specific categories are part of the cart, shipment costs should be defined deviating from the principal rule.

Our team had a chance to work on non-Magento project – Majo, is a search engine, which offers users a cash back. We added the search results with cash back on top with image, price and short URL in a carousel on top of the search results. We implemented tracking of placed orders on Affilinet partners.

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Our Works: Our Works: Our Works:

We are very grateful to Deine Tür for cooperation and hope for further prosperous partnership in the future.


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