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Meet Magento Japan 2019

Nov 6, 2019

1101 Dasha M.

Meet Magento Japan 2019

Want to find out more about Meet Magento Japan 2019? Check out this article to learn all of the insights and valuable information about one of the most prominent e-commerce events of the year. Our team is glad to share e-commerce news and keep you updated about everything that happens in the Magneto community.

On the 5th of November, the capital of Japan opened its doors to the annual top e-commerce conference – Meet Magento Japan 2019. This event is considered to be a great reason to unite Magento enthusiasts and e-commerce industry leaders from all over the world. It brings them together in one place to impart advanced knowledge on a fast-expanding technology market.

There is no doubt that Japan is a perfect match to hold such an event. It is a third-largest e-commerce market in the world that continues proliferating. Meet Magento Japan has been organized by Veritework Inc., a technology-focused company located in Japan and Magento solution partner in collaboration with Magento Association.

The event took place at the conference hall of the Sunshine City hotel located in the city centre of Tokyo. It was visited not only by e-commerce talents but also by e-commerce business owners, professional developers, and lots of newcomers in the sphere. More and more now want to contribute their efforts to the Magento e-commerce ecosystem. The global Magento community is growing, and various e-commerce enthusiasts join it to boost innovations.

Localization has become one of the major topics of the Meet Magento Japan event. The day before the conference started, some community members took part in the Contribution Day to share their vision and ideas about the possible improvements of Magento translations and localization. Since the event took place in Japan, the discussion was specifically focused on the Japanese language.

Traditionally, the action began with registration and entertainment part. The event was attended by a great number of locals and international visitors who joined networking while waiting for every guest to arrive. 17 sessions of the event were conducted in English and Japanese languages. The opening was announced at 10 a.m., while the last speaker finished the presentation shortly after 6 p.m. The entire day was devoted to sharing the best practices and experience that help to generate brand-new ideas with the focus on e-commerce future capabilities on a global scale.

This time, the Meet Magento event was opened by Hirokazu Nishi, CTO & Co-founder of Veriteworks Inc. Being an experienced Magento full-stack web application developer, he tried to flame up the audience with a fresh view on the present-day status of e-commerce and presented a plan about what this incredible day is going to bring.

Right after the welcome speech, guests were all ears on the very important part of e-commerce mobile interaction and payment structure from one of the PayPal professionals – Sohei Abe, followed by the local Cowell Asia representative giving a speech on the constantly-changing topic: Magento business trends. He was telling about smart ways to speed up adaptation to new trends and gave some revolutionary tips on performance and scalability improvement.

Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Magento Engineering, turned his demonstration of Adobe techniques in an engaging discussion about the power of creativity.

The lunch break worked out as the icebreaker of the business atmosphere. Then, the event unfolded its entire potential, allowing a new group of top-notch experts to come to the stage. The panel discussions varied greatly, so everybody managed to express the opinion on the matter.

We do not want to claim some topics to be better or more interesting as it always depends on the information the visitors come for. But “Why the performance of the web matters” presented by one of the online-business expert – Shu Hirasaka incited a truly sparkling conversation.

And, of course, how come without coffee. During a break, many wanted to have at least a quick talk with the colleagues, speakers and event guests to use the power of networking to the full extent. Having the brain recharged, people jumped right into the final part of Meet Magento Japan 2019.

The presentation “An introduction to psychology that can be useful for selling EC sites” by Momoko Asaka, CEO of Veriteworks has definitely struck the audience. It brought up a deep topic that captured the attention of all the participants. Some other noticeable sessions were carried out by e-commerce experts like Yuta Matsumoto with his report “European Magento community participation”.

There were many other capturing presentations, and there is no surprise, that time went so fast that it seemed like visiting only a swift seminar comprising so much valuable information that should be stored in every mind.

Traditionally, as it goes with almost all Meet Magento events, the final session was covered by Ben Marks, the famous Adobe’s Magento Evangelist. He demonstrated the future capabilities of Magento disseminating a stirring wave of inspiration behind.

Momoko Asaka closed the conference with her speech. She expressed her gratitude to the guests of this magnificent event and hoped that the event would greatly contribute to the innovations within the Magento community. Followed by the final words, participants were happy to head to the party and enrich their business communication.

Wrapping it up, Meets Magento events follow the same inspiring goal, that they have always followed – to empower specialists of any expertise level with the in-demand information and skills. It informs people about the latest e-commerce trends and motivates them to do their best in what they do. What makes this event special – is remarkable people that keep genuinely loving the e-commerce world and willing to contribute to its growth and development.

Meet Magento Japan’s key points were the following: Magento localization for the Asian markets, power of creativity in e-commerce, Instagram marketing tips, PayPal payment structure and how an understanding of the human phycology can help e-commerce businesses grow.

Stay tuned for articles about the coming Magento e-commerce events with our blog.

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