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5 “Whats” Concerning Your Magento Web Store Security

Jul 26, 2017

445 Vladislav Yunusov

5 “Whats” Concerning Your Magento Web Store Security

Security is the question which is placed on the agenda. Any web store owner is concerned about his website protection. Despite the fact the modern market is filled with various tips and tricks with the help of which you can check website security, web shop owners go to great lengths to prevent ecommerce business from being hacked. Why is it considered as the most significant? You may share the opinion that a customer whose data has been stolen will not make use of your services. As a consequence, the reputation of your website is destroyed while your business is getting worse.Nowadays large and mid-sized businesses give preference to Magento platform on which web shops are based. Due to the features the platform provides, Magento is supposed to be a powerful tool that cares for security.

Is that right? Let’s learn!

What is going on with Magento shops?

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Magento Audit

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Magento is an open source ecommerce platform which is worth much attention. That’s why many people, as well as companies, give an eye to the platform with no good intentions. If any security exploit is found, hackers always jump at the chance to turn to advantage. How does Magento cope with it? Magento is constantly releasing security patches which should be applied by web shop owners or development companies dealing with ecommerce websites.

What patches are considered as the most significant?

Every patch is assured to be significant, as without patch installation your website can undergo any attack. If we go back in 2015 when Shoplift Bug and its patch “Supee-5344” were reported, we can easily define the importance of every patch. Shoplift bug is one of the most frightening bugs allowing hackers to obtain admin access to a web store. Many web stores were vulnerable to potential data hacking.
Despite the fact it happened a few years ago, the patch is still essential.

Make sure the “Supee-5344” patch is applied to your store.

In case, it’s not like that, you must act swiftly in order to get your website secure. Moreover, there’re some patches “Supee-7405” and “Supee-8788” that need your consideration. Obviously, there are many more, but these specifically can cause a lot of issues for you and your customers.

What should you do to increase the security of your store?

In such a situation there’s the only way out no matter you’re a web shop owner, a developer, a manager or a man who deals with such cases on a daily basis. You should perform a quick security check of your online store by simply putting your website in MegaReport scan.

What is MegaReport used for?

This is a free service which estimates the security status of your web shop. It looks for some facts that you get official Magento patches installed. Moreover, it checks possible unknown threats that can be mitigated easily.

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You should pay attention to the following thing. If you’re dealing with the recent versions of Magento 1 or you’ve already migrated to Magento 2, you’re likely secure enough, as during upgrading process your team of developers has already patched your website. That’s why you might receive false positive or negative feedback.


What to carry out next?

Magento support

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Having received the results, you should define what color is mostly used in the report. If it’s red or orange, unfortunately, you’re in trouble. Depending on patches which are lacking on your web store and Magento version, your store data may have been compromised. Don’t have the jitters! You should ask your development team for help. The report is not 100% accurate, since the service doesn’t have direct access to your website’s code. If you have trust relationship with your development team, you should discuss the question arisen with them and work out the plan how to get your website security improved.

In case the color is used in the report is green, you’re lucky, as everything is alright. You’re keeping the installation safe and up-to-date with the recent security patches.

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