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Magento Facebook Connect And Like Free FAQ

Feb 4, 2013

555 Olga Shishuk

Magento Facebook Connect And Like Free FAQ

Magento Facebook Connect & Like Free is one of the most popular extensions developed by the BelVG team. It is used on over 12 000 online stores in every part of the web.

Since it has proven to be the most demanded and enjoyed extension, we have decided to make a list of the most frequently asked questions and problems which one can encounter when using the module. Their possible solutions are, of course, also present.

How to remove the fb-login button from the page header?

The code for the fb-login button is located in the top.links.phtml file. Here is the part you need to edit to remove the button from the header:


How to remove the login button from the homepage?

To remove the login button from the homepage, comment the block in the facebookfree.xml file. By default, it is located under the following path:



I get a 404 error on the admin panel page after trying to install the module.

Very likely, the module installation has not been completed yet. Please, try to log out and log in again to complete the installation.


Will Facebook Connect & Like Free module allow me to log into my existing online store account or will it create a new account?

Using Facebook Free, you do not need to care about the standard registration. For a new user, the module creates a new account using the Facebook profile details while existing users are recognized by the page and login automatically. The user, however, can use the standard registration form along with the Facebook registration.


Is it possible to change the default “Be the first of your friends to like this” text?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this message since it is the one from Facebook itself, so our extension does not provide possibility to change or delete it.


Facebook does not support my site locale. Can I still use the extension?

If you see “/#” after you click the Login button and a pop-up does not appear or you get the ‘FB is not defined’ error, then either:

  • Change your site locale to en_US or,
  • Force Facebook to use en_US locale by editing the ‘block.phtml’ file:


and change line 52 to:


How can I change the position of the Login button and the avatar position displayed after login?

Please, use this code to change positions:

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I get the following error – “API Error Code: 191”. Any help?

API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application.

Error Message: Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.

Very likely you have not properly created the Facebook app. Please check that you have specified the domain name.


I cannot access my admin panel after installing the extension.

It seems that you didn’t disable the compilation during the installation. Please read the user guide before installing. Currently, you may disable it via ftp. Open the file includes/config.php and comment the following lines:


I get a blank page after installing a new version of the extension.

Such troubles often appear when the extension has not been properly installed. Probably some folders have not been removed.


The Like button does not appear after the installation.

Please, check the following:

  • If the page has the element

If not, you need to insert it into one of the templates, called on every page (or to understand what’s wrong with your theme and why our template top.links.phtml didn’t appear);

  • Whether our template was replaced with head.phtml and addto.phtml;
  • The page with the button should have the below code in the block.phtml file:

Perhaps, Facebook does not support your site locale, so you need to select the supported one from the list:


How do I move the front page login logo from the top links section to welcome-msg?

To move the button, you need to know exactly, in which template “welcome-msg” is used. We cannot say this for sure without accessing your backend\ftp.

But this is the part of the code, responsible for displaying the button:

You can find it in the facebookfree/links.phtml file in the template that is used for your store.

In case the buttons will not show: please check that the file facebookfree.xml under “app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/” is located in the same folder with your custom installed theme “app/design/frontend/[your-theme]/default/layout/”.


What do I do if the module is installed into the wrong theme?

Many issues occur when the module is installed into the wrong theme, so please, double check that you have installed the module properly into the correct theme.

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  1. Hello,

    What is the “Valid OAuth redirect URI” that I need to specify in Facebook for your module to function properly? I searched in both your manual and FAQ and did not find anything.


  2. Hello,
    How to unisntall clearly your extension?
    Because I installed it via magento connect manager, but there in no button “uninstall” in magento connect manager.

  3. Hi there,

    In your demo there’s a profile pic next to the welcome screen. I can’t get this to display after i installed this extension. Is it an issue with Magento 1.8 or I need to configure something.

  4. Hello, could you tell me what code should be inserted to display the user picture (via OpenGraph) on the dashboard of the user account when it is logged in via facebook?

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