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How to Use Helper in Magento 2.0 Template

Dec 9, 2015

3907 Andrey Litvin

How to Use Helper in Magento 2.0 Template

We are used to see Helper as an element that is global and always available. It’s created as a Singleton.

Everybody used the following construction: Mage::helper(‘[Modul] / [Helper Name]’)

Where do you need it?

You need it in templates. In our modules, when creating classes, we can define any unnecessary subjects in construct. But it doesn’t seem right to redefine other’s classes when coding, does it?

So how can you do it in Magento 2.0?

In Magento 2.0 templates there is a main object: $block.

Its class is a block that corresponds to the template.

Here you can also find our old famous variable $this.

Its class is Magento\Framework\View\TemplateEngine\Php

And here comes our “our precious”!

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  1. Hi Mishel, creating helper in magento was so easy as i learnt it from here and your article has made it look more easier in magento 2.

  2. Hi i want to add subject in template email How to add subject in magento 2
    magento 1:-setTemplateSubject function
    magento 2:- ?

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