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How to Install Magento SUPEE-8167 Patch

Jun 22, 2017

887 Vladislav Yunusov

How to Install Magento SUPEE-8167 Patch

Now we’re credibly informed that PayPal will no longer support HTTP for sending back verification messages. The only acceptable way is to use HTTPS. That’s why it’s necessary to get the patch SUPEE-8167 installed on your website to prevent your website from being down. We’d like to propose you to install the patch by following the ways described below. Before performing, it should be mentioned that interoperability problems can appear after the procedure. So you’re suggested to apply to the team of certified developers who are experienced in Magento patches installation to avoid negative consequences.

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how to install supee-8167 magento patch

We’re going to explain two ways to install patches. Follow the instruction written below.

How to install SUPEE-8167 Patch. Way 1

The patch can be installed with SSH. In this case, you need SSH and if you can’t cope with SSH as well as its setting up, you should apply to your hosting provider.

Then upload the patch file in the root, in SSH console, execute the following command.

For .sh file extension:

For .patch file extension:
patch —p0 < patch_file_name.patch

Magento SUPEE-8167 Patch Installation. Way 2

The zip file for patch installation should be downloaded. The PrePatched files can be found on GitHub and downloaded. Then the files should be uploaded to the Magento root folder. Here you’ll find the files for the following versions:

Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.3.2
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.3.1
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.3.0
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.2.4
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.2.3
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.2.2
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.2.1
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.1.1
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.9.1.0
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.8.1.0
Magento   SUPEE_8167_Magento_1.7.0.2

In addition, you’re advised to upgrade to Magento, as the version is considered as updated with all necessary security patches including SUPEE-8167. If you need any help concerning Magento patch installation or upgrading, please, contact us.

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