How to Defer JavaScript Loading for Magento 2

Sep 14, 2018404Luba Andreeva
How to Defer JavaScript Loading for Magento 2

Time is a valuable resource and no one wants to spend it meaninglessly waiting for something. It is true for online shopping just like for everything else. You will not find customers that will be happy to wait minutes for a page to load. Loading speed is a parameter too important to be ignored. It should be optimized and improved constantly with all the known methods. That’s why we have developed the Defer JS extension for Magento 2 to speed up your online store.

About Defer JS

Have you ever thought how browsers load website pages? Right, from top to bottom. But the point is that JavaScript is usually located at the top of the page. It may slow down the loading speed, because of delays in HTML and CSS loading. To avoid this we suggest to move the script to the bottom of the page. We have created the Defer JS module to automate this process. The working principle is simple: the extension defers JavaScript parsing and loading until HTML and CSS files are loaded.

Key features of the extension:

  • compatibility with Magento 2;
  • understandable interface and configurations;
  • two built-in filters to exclude certain controllers and pages from deference.

Benefits for merchants

Our speed optimization extension prevents you from making code changes manually because you will get them done automatically. As a result, you receive a super fast online shop. And not only customers will appreciate it. Webstore speed is very important for SEO and positions in Google search results. The sooner you boost the webstore and improve the Google PageSpeed score, the higher your positions will be. The higher your positions are, the more customers (i.e. sales) you will get. So what are you waiting for?

Check out the Defer JS extension in our Magento store.


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