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How to Create a Bundle Product in Magento 2.0

Aug 7, 2015

847 Andrey Litvin

How to Create a Bundle Product in Magento 2.0

In order to offer your clients a customizable group of products, you can create a Bundle Product. This is a separate product that consists of several product options. You can sell simple and virtual products as parts of a Bundle Product.

Before creating a Bundle product you need to have at least several options of products from which to create a Bundle.

This kind of product is pretty similar to Grouped product, but a Grouped product is an entity that is offered for a fixed price that is a sum of all the products in the group and in case of Grouped Products customers cannot adjust the group according to what kinds of products they actually need to buy.

In case of Bundle product they can do it since you can add as many options as you can imagine and your customers will be able to decide which of them to choose.

Example: you sell cameras on your e-store. You can create a bundle product called Camera. But in options you can offer several types of cameras plus you can add optional camera bags (of different form for customer to choose) and camera stands (also with multiple options).

Your product will be called Camera, but it is only its general name. The customer can actually customize his choice.

Products -> Catalog


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Add product ->Bundle Product


There are several differences in the following menu between Simple and Bundle products.

In Bundle product you can choose SKU and Weight will be either dynamic or fixed.

Dynamic price option means that your final price will depend on the price of each product in the Bundle. You can also choose your fixed price for the Bundle that will not depend on customer’s choice.

You can also choose how you will ship Bundle items: together or separately.

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At the bottom you have Create New Option Tab.

In every Option’s tab there is a possibility to add a new product to option. In order to create a camera Bundle and give users the opportunity to decide whether they want to include Camera bag and Camera stand in the Bundle, I add Camera in the first option and make it a default choice.



Then I add Camera bag and Camera stand to other 2 tabs. In the case of Camera I select Drop-down Input type (if I had several cameras the customer would be able choose between the types of camera in the drop-down menu) and in the case of Bag and Stand I select Checkbox Input type. If customers want to add Bag and Stand to their choice, they can do it by putting a tick in the box.


And I leave the tick in each User defined box.

When this is done, I press Save button.

After that you can optimize your Bundle product: you can change SEO description, add images, select on what websites you would like to display your Bundle product etc.

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