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How to Сlear Cache in Magento 2.0

Oct 16, 2015

469 Andrey Dubina

How to Сlear Cache in Magento 2.0

Every web store owner should know how to clear cache. And now when you ask yourself a question whether you want to upgrade your Magento 2.0, you also want to know how this process works in this version of Magento.

To clear cache, you need to go to System -> Cache Management


This is what you will see:


First of all you need to specify which types of cache you want to refresh.

To do so select those types that you want to enable. There is a description of Cache files, so read it before you decide whether you need it.

Select Enable and press Submit.


Now select the types of Cache that you have enabled, select Refresh and press Submit again.

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Now you’ve refreshed the types of cache you selected.

There are 2 big buttons above. One to Flush Magento Cache and another one to Flush Cache Storage. Use them to clear Magento Cache and Cache Storage.

“Flush Magento Cache” removes all the default Magento Cache items that have Magento tag.

“Flush Cache Storage” removes all the items from Cache those with Magento tag and those without it.


There is also a way to Flush Catalog Images Cache and JavaScript/CSS Cache in Magento 2.0.

Just press corresponding buttons.

The first one removes all the catalog images from media/catalog/product/cache.

The second one removes the JavaScript copy and CSS files from the Cache.

About Full-Page Cache

Full-Page Caching can augment the speed of response and reduce the load on server.

To configure Full-Page Cache in Magento 2.0, go to

Store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System -> Full-Page Cache

Magento 2.0 supports 2 Caching Applications: Varnish Caching and Built-in Application.


Whatever you choose, you need to define the Lifetime for public content. By default, it’s 86400 seconds.

As, for example, Built-In Applications make your pages from 4 to 9 times faster than does Varnish Caching.

To improve your store’s speed, you can try to build-in our Full-Page Cache extension.

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