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Design as a Gateway into a Successful eCommerce

May 21, 2012

331 Lena Tsybulenko

Web design is essential for attracting a constantly growing amount of users, every single one of which is a potential customer. It should be user-friendly and gain the trust of newcomers, be intuitive and helpful in making a choice.

The process of mobile theme design and interface development has several tricks we want to talk you through. Themes we develop have different styles, interface features and design.

Unlike desktop sites with their multi-column layout, mobile themes are mostly single-column. That is the reason why important information – product catalog, search box, ‘My account’, ‘My cart’ and ‘Checkout’ links – should be all positioned at the top of the page, so that a user might not waste his/her time scrolling down the page.

Don’t forget to implement the search box. Often visitors are looking for a specific product and not just hanging around the site seeking amusement. These users want to compare prices in different stores, including yours, and will not spend a lot of time floundering around the product catalog. Simple use of the search box is way more preferable for a user to find the required item, that’s why it should be accessed easily. Otherwise, visitors will leave the site. If you don’t want to lose potential customers, set the search box on the upper side of the main page either above or below the catalog. Positioning it below the catalog makes sense only if the categories list is not too long.

It’s essential to pay attention to the size of icons, buttons and links. User’s finger is not a cursor, and it requires more than one pixel to browse the web via touchscreen mobile devises. Both petty buttons and small fonts cause discomfort, so feel free to enlarge them.

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Creating the mobile theme, it’s necessary to think about its loading speed. It would be reasonable to avoid heavy graphics and complex graphical elements and create the theme using only CSS styles instead.

It’s desirable to position the mobile theme logo on white background, as far as many logo go with white nicely and it is easier to customize the theme. This is not a ground rule, though. Some companies have dark-colored sites, and dark mobile themes will fit them better.

One more thing about color combinations. It’s better to use 2-3 colors in the theme for user not to be distracted from the site content. However, sometimes it’s better to use more colors. Skillful combination of colors will make the content more user-friendly, i.e. color coding is tolerated.

We’re doing our best to develop themes with an attractive design and intuitive interface, because usability and design are both extremely important tools to push sales forward. We offer our customers a huge variety of themes with different styles and information structure.

Eventually, it’s up to you, which theme will be your gateway into the world of successful eCommerce.

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