How to Develop a Custom Sample Data Module for Magento 2

Mar 6, 2018451Alex Simonchik
How to Develop a Custom Sample Data Module for Magento 2

Today we’re going to discuss designing Sample Data module to create data for Belvg_WelcomeAgreement demo module. The case is that we use Gitlab CI to automatically create a demo for the module. Additionally, we wanted database data to be created simultaneously, so we decided to design Sample Data module using Magento 2 Way.

You might have seen Sample Data modules designed by Magento team, for example, Magento_CmsSampleData, Magento_ConfigurableSampleData, Magento_MsrpSampleData etc. Similar to these examples, we’ve designed our own module, the code of which you can find on github.

Let’s consider each file separately:

  • Belvg/WelcomeAgreementSampleData/registration.php – file which records a new module in the system.
  • Belvg/WelcomeAgreementSampleData/module.xml – one more file every module for Magento 2 must have. Here we specify Belvg_WelcomeAgreementSampleData dependence on Belvg_WelcomeAgreement in order to set the order of module installation.

  • Belvg/WelcomeAgreementSampleData/Setup/InstallData.php –  file which with the help of Dependency Injection (DI) creates the object installing interface Setup\SampleData\InstallerInterface.
  • Belvg/WelcomeAgreementSampleData/Setup/Installer.php – class which installs the interface and и triggers data import for \Belvg\WelcomeAgreementSampleData\Model\Agreement by using fixtures/belvg_welcomeagreement_agreement.csv.
  • Belvg/WelcomeAgreementSampleData/Model/Agreement.php – class which represents install method responsible for data import:

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We used $this->agreementFactory object delivered on via DA while being the sample of the original Belvg_WelcomeAgreement module. Agreement entity has the following structure:

Besides,  belvg_welcomeagreement_agreement_store table is used for keeping agreements <-> stores.

In order to install the module, you need to run the commands (having Belvg_WelcomeAgreement module):

  • php bin/magento module:enable Belvg_WelcomeAgreementSampleData
  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade

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