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Creating Custom Hooks in PrestaShop 1.7

Jul 19, 2018

18909 Yaroslav Tobolich

Creating Custom Hooks in PrestaShop 1.7

Hooks in PrestaShop is the most important component for inserting modules into your theme. In this article, I will try to talk about all the pitfalls that can be encountered while using this important and interesting functionality.

Basic hooks in PrestaShop

Let’s start with the basic names of hooks that are used in PrestaShop.

Hook’s name Hook’s description
displayHeader For inserting modules in the header
displayTop For inserting modules between the header and the content
displayBanner For inserting banners or images before the cap
displayHome For inserting modules on the main page
displayLeftColumn For inserting modules in the left column
displayRightColumn For inserting modules in the right column
displayFooter For inserting modules into the footer
displayNotFound For inserting modules on the error page

You can find a more detailed list of all hooks in the official PrestaShop documentation.

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Creating custom hooks in PrestaShop

Now let’s take a look at creating your own hooks in a PrestaShop theme. To do it, we go to the theme’s directory, for example, /themes/classic/, and select the necessary template in the templates/ folder. I chose the site’s header template that is located at /themes/classic/templates/_partials/header.tpl. With the help of the {hook h = ‘MyCustomNameHooks’} construction we will add our hook to the header of our template: {hook h = ‘MySocialListHeader’}.

For this purpose, I prepared a childBelvg child theme for the classic theme. The structure is the same, however, we will override our /themes/childBelvg/templates/_partials/header.tpl header file. We will also add a social network module to our file with the help of bootstrap. I added another block and thus divided our header into 3 columns.


After we added our hook to the header, we need to make it display on the admin panel. To do this, we’ll go to the configuration file of our /themes/childBelvg/config/theme.yml theme and add the following construction:


– name: displayMySocialListHeader
title: displayMySocialListHeader
description: Add social block in the header
– ps_socialfollow

Now we will do this in our code editor (IDE):


The complete configuration of the /themes/childBelvg/config/theme.yml file will look like this:

parent: classic
name: childBelvg
display_name: My child Theme Belvg
version: 1.0.0

 use_parent_assets: true


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     – name: displayMySocialListHeader
       title: displayMySocialListHeader
       description: Add social block in the header
       – ps_socialfollow

     width: 125
     height: 125
     scope: [products]
     width: 98
     height: 98
     scope: [products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers]
     width: 452
     height: 452
     scope: [products, manufacturers, suppliers]
     width: 250
     height: 250
     scope: [products]
     width: 800
     height: 800
     scope: [products, manufacturers, suppliers]
     width: 141
     height: 180
     scope: [categories]

 default_layout: layout-full-width

Now let’s see if we have our hook on the admin panel. Go to the hook management at Admin panel → Design → Positions → Transplant a module.


Now we can go to the store frontend and see the changes:


Done. Hope this was useful, please leave your comments in the comment section if something remained unclear.

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  1. Hi Yulianto
    thanks for your question.
    You may try to disable/enable the theme to insert your payment module via hooks. But please notice that in that case you should go through the theme setting procedure again.
    Or you can contact our support team at [email protected] and we will tell you how to create a new hook via module :)

  2. hi, i have a module payment.
    this module not hook on Displaypaymentreturn, i see on position only hook on payment. and this module not show.

    can i create new hook?


  3. Hi, Hugo! Thank you for your comment, we greatly appreciate your input.
    Yes, I agree with you that this method is not perfect. Soon I am planning to extend this article and describe how to deactivate and re-activate the theme, as well as how the modules position change as a result of reactivation. I will also describe the method that will allow to add hooks without changing the default configuration, because this way you get to add the hook without theme reactivation. So, stay tuned for the article update.

  4. I think is important to say this only work if you deactivate and re-activate the the theme, otherwise the content you put in theme.yml will not be read. And sometime this method is not the ideal because after the first install you could have changed a lot of things like in positions, required modules or img config and you will loose all if your theme.yml was not following those updates

  5. Hi, Miroslav! Thanks for your question.
    You need to switch from your theme to another and back to yours, after that the hook will appear. But be carreful, because you can cause all your theme blocks can get in disarray. You can avoid this by writing a module that will add hook via the module and not via the topic. If you want me to add such a module to my article, then I will do it within a week.

  6. I copy all code from this page to my template, but I cant see custom hook at “Design-Positions”.
    I already cleared my cache, but this is not helped

  7. Hi, David! All you need to do is clear the cache and your hook will appear in your back office.

  8. I have to kind of refresh my theme before seeing my hook in the back office ?

    Do you know if there is a best way to “refresh” ? :)

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