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Big Day Release: Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

Apr 20, 2017

1383 Oleg Semenov

Big Day Release: Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

Trust and authentic feedback is crucial for soliciting clients. Nowadays it is believed to be one of the reliable way to get unbiased opinion concerning the product you’d like to purchase. How to attract more shoppers ready to write reviews and estimate the products? The only thing you need to use is called Yotpo Reviews Module for Magento® 2. It is all-in-one tool helping generate all the reviews left on the platform Yotpo for your webstore. The vast number of feedback, questions and answers as well as evaluation are shown on your website without any additional effort that helps your customers make better shopping decision.

The up-to-date review module for Magento® 2 generates feedback that influences customer’s  decision-making ability. It’s also essential for measuring customer satisfaction among your current shoppers. Having installed the module you obtain all the significant features the platform Yotpo possesses.

  • First of all, if a purchase is made from the site using Yotpo, the customer receives the email containing the request to leave feedback. It’s known as a reminder enhancing the number of reviews. Besides, those shoppers who prefer staying unidentified have the opportunity to leave comments without verification.

  • Secondly, feedback is considered to be one of the powerful tools that make shoppers estimate products with pleasure, as the review can be written and sent from inbox with a single click.

  • Thirdly, the tool supplies the ability to share reviews to the most high-demand social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

  • All the generated feedback keep updated.

  • Moreover, it is compatible with the most important apps and platforms.

  • As for its installation, ease of use distinguishes it from any other module. All the steps you need to carry out imply selecting «yes/no» in the field «enabled for fronted» and putting api key in the requested field.

All the above listed features help you turn user-generated content into traffic and sales reaching the goal.

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Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

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Igor Dragun
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  1. Great blog! the extension seems so helpful feedback is important for healthy growth and keep the integrity maintained.

  2. Hello!

    No, it’s a separate system – Yotpo, it keeps reviews inside itself. Thus when uninstalling the module, Magento comes back and all the reviews disappear.
    On the other hand, there are several advantages. For instance, you can show reviews on the main screen.

  3. When using this Yotpo module, are all reviews saved as original Magento reviews as well?

    So when uninstalling the module, would the product reviews remain in Magento or would you lose all reviews?

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