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Big Day Release: PrestaShop Unbound Responsive Slider

May 6, 2014

290 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: PrestaShop Unbound Responsive Slider

Prestashop Unbound Responsive Slider allows to create and manage multiple sliders on the web-store. The main advantage of our module is the simplicity of installation and usage – it does not require any programming skills on the side of the end-user. You can easily create slides and sliders, sort slides and create different images for different languages.

Key features:

  • Add beautiful and stylish sliders to any page or category;
  • The module automatically adjusts slide pictures to the size of your slider, so you do not need to spend time on editing the images;
  • Add anchor URLs to your slides;
  • Create different slides for different languages;
  • Sort slides;
  • Slider auto-scrolling feature available.

This module is another convenient and simple extension to work with sliders on your Prestashop store.

This extension will let you add one or several sliders to any page or shop category. Simple settings and intuitive interface will help you create and add eye-catching sliders within just a few minutes, so you will not need to spend hours on learning how the module works.

How to use

Now let’s see how the slider works on the frontend.

When you activate a slider it automatically appears on the fronted on the category page which you have specified in the slider settings.

By default the slider appears at the top of the page, however, you can specify another location by customizing the template with a special code (refer to How to choose location for a slider section for more details).

Each slide can contain description and legend which provide additional information about the advertised product.

How to Configure

Creating a slider

To create your first slider log into the admin panel and go to the Modules – BelVG Slider section and click the Add New button.

In the Edit Slider window you will need to configure the following settings:

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  • Admin Name – provide the name of the slider;
  • Categories – choose page or category where the slider should be displayed;
  • Width/Height – specify slider dimensions;
  • Active – use Yes/No buttons to switch the slider on/off.

Creating a slide

When the slider is ready, it is necessary to create and add your first slides to it. Go to Modules – Slides and click Add New.

  • File – upload an image to be displayed on the slide;
  • Slider – select the slider to which your new slide will be applied;
  • Title – give name to the slide;
  • URL – enter anchor URL. Customers, when clicking on this slide, will be redirected directly to the URL you specify;
  • Legend – specify the description, which will appear on the slide when you hover the mouse over it, this works as a tooltip description;
  • Description – provide description for the slide. The description will be visible on the page just under the slide.
  • Active – use Yes/No buttons to switch the slider on/off.

General module configurations

To access general module configurations go to Modules – Modules – BelVG Slider – Configure.

The settings include only the following options:

  • Speed – specify the scrolling speed (in milliseconds);
  • Pause – indicate the time interval between slide scrollings;
  • Auto-play – use Yes/No buttons to switch the automatic scrolling on/off.

How to choose location for a slider

By default, the slider is automatically added to the top of the page you specify in the slider settings.

However, if you need to add slider so some other place on a page you need to use the following code:


Where 2 is the slider ID.

Just add this code to the template to the place you need, and the module will display slider exactly on that place on the page.

This way you can add several sliders per page and provide each of them with their own place.

Do not want to install and configure the module on your own? Contact BelVG support team to take care of your website.

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