Big Day Release: Prestashop Testimonials

Jan 16, 2014146
Big Day Release: Prestashop Testimonials

Prestashop Testimonials module presents you with a simple way to add testimonials to your store. Prestashop Testimonials creates a separate block where you can add and show your testimonials. It also generates a special Testimonials page on your website where customers can submit their feedback. In order to prevent spam you are in full control over the posted testimonials and can review and allow them for frontend with a single click in the admin panel.

Key features:

  • Create a block to display testimonials on a page;
  • Define the block’s position;
  • Set the number of testimonials to display in the block;
  • Testimonials are shown on every page;
  • The link to the testimonials submission form is added to the page footer.

The module provides a simple and easy solution to create and manage testimonials and feedbacks. It generates a separate block on every page of a website where you can display your customers’ testimonials and reviews. Module settings allow you to define the position of the block on a page (either left or right side) as well as set the number of testimonials to be seen inside the block.

Along with the block the module generates a separate Testimonials page where it is possible to view all available testimonials as well as submit your own feedback.

How to Configure

To configure the module log into your Prestashop administration panel and go to Modules-> Modules -> Testimonials -> Configure.

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The module settings are very easy to configure and include just several sections.

  • Count of the testimonials in the block – here you set the number of testimonials which you wish to be displayed inside the block;
  • Testimonials block column – define the position of the block on a page.

Once you are ready with the settings click the Save button.

How to create and manage testimonials?

All submitted testimonials are located in the admin panel in the Customers -> Testimonials section. Once a customer submits a testimonial it is automatically added to the list for your review.

To create a new testimonial click the Add New button and fill in the required fields about your customer info and add your message into the message editor.

Once the testimonial is ready click Save and you will see it automatically appear in the list and on the frontend.

How to Use

Let’s have a look how testimonials are displayed on the website.

A block with testimonials is automatically added to every page. It is placed according with the configurations either on the left or right side of a page and displayes only that number of testimonials which you define in the module settings.

The module also automatically creates a Testimonials link on the footer of a page.

This link goes to a separate Testimonials page where you can read all available testimonials as well as submit your own feedback into a special form. That submitted testimonial will be automatically sent into the admin panel for review and if approved it will be displayed on the page or even inside the block.

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