Big Day Release: Prestashop Size Assistant

Feb 26, 201358Alex Simonchik
Big Day Release: Prestashop Size Assistant

Prestashop Size Assistant allows creating visual and clear size guides for groups of products or particular items. Perfect for apparel stores, the module adds the Detailed Dimensions button to product pages. In the Dimensions window table of sizes for this product as well as auxiliary images are displayed. Tables are easily created in the back-office and, in fact, upgrade standard Prestashop attributes.

Key features

  • Size assistant on products pages
  • Easily created size guides
  • Adding images to size tables
  • Size guides for groups of products and single items
  • Easy-to-use tables constructor
  • Possibility of adding several tables to a single product
  • Unlimited number of columns and lines in tables

Let’s find out more.

Standard sizes take into account the combinations of body measurements of the general population. Not everyone, however, knows the exact dimensions, such as horizontal and vertical torso or sleeve measurements, for this or that size. Moreover, sizing systems differ and depend on a country the customer is located in. For example, men’s sports shirts M size in the US corresponds to 39/40 in EU. Size Assistant allows users to receive all information on sizes and dimensions as quickly as one simple click.

Create custom attributes and associate the existing ones, constructing, thereby, size guides. Design a Detailed Dimensions window with images – insert, for instance, clothes outlines with designations to clarify how to measure garment.

Go to Modules -> Belvg Size Assistant in the demo back-office. Click Add new Group.

Create the group

Name the group. Add the explanatory image and define its size, if necessary. Select the attributes type you want to expand with additional dimensions. Save the group.

Click Add new Attributes.

Define the attributes

Select the group you want to set attributes for. In the Attributes area you can see the fields corresponding with the standard attributes you previously set and the first title field.  Fill them in with the required data to create the table.

Finally, associate newly created tables with products. In order to do this, go to Catalog -> Product and Edit the product you want to add the table to the page of. Select the BelVG Size Assistant tab.

Add tables to products

Select the group name to expand the table. Select Product is measured individually to activate it and edit it. “Product is measured individually” message will be displayed. You can add several tables to a single product.

A Detailed Dimensions button appears on the front end.

Detailed dimensions on the product page

On click, the window with the size guide appears. It includes the image and the sizes table.

Size assistant on the front end


Visit the demo page or read the user guide to see how the Size Assistant works.

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