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Big Day Release: PrestaShop SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

May 28, 2014

514 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: PrestaShop SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your website and drive it to top ranking positions with the help of the Prestashop SEO (Search Engine Optimization) module. The module’s features let you easily cope with the must-have SEO elements, so you will not waste your time for optimization routine.

Key features:

  • Manage SEO elements either for a specific page or for all pages in  selected categories;
  • Automatically generate page Meta data;
  • Easily control redirects and broken links;
  • HTML/XML site-map generator for product list;
  • Fast access to Google Analytics configuration;
  • Google conversions tracking;
  • Helps Google serve the correct language or regional URL.

The SEO module is a simple-to-use yet a powerful tool which can help you keep the optimization process under full control.

The module lets you easily generate basic page Meta data either for all pages of your store or just for the list of specific pages or directories.

Module’s features also include the possibility to generate XML/HTML site-map. However, unlike the default Prestashop site-map this one will also include the list of products, suppliers, manufacturers etc.

With a few clicks you will be able to set up correct redirects and check for broken links.

How to Configure and Use

To start using the module log into the administration panel and go to Modules – Modules – select the SEO module – click Configure.

The module includes several steps of configuration.

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  • Step 1: choose the language;
  • Step 2: select pages or categories for which you are going to generate Meta data. You can select either just several specific pages or all pages under several categories;
  • Step 3: on this step you need to fill in the pattern on the basis of which the module will generate page Meta data. The pattern includes the following fields:
    • Product title – this information will be used by the module to generate product page title;
    • Product description – enter the pattern which will be used by the module to generate page Meta description;
    • Product keywords – the description from this field will be used for generating product Meta keywords;
    • Product link rewrite – set up the pattern to generate seo-friendly URLs;
    • Product short description – provide a short description of the product.
  • Step 4: click Generate Meta to let the module generate Meta data on the basis of the pattern you created at Step 3;
  • Step 5: this option lets you generate HTML/XML site-map. The HTML site-map will also include the list of products, manufacturers, suppliers and CMS categories;

You can also use cron to make the module generate site-map automatically. Use the following link for cron:

  • Step 6: this is the default Prestashop option which lets you add Google Analytics API;
  • Step 7: this option lets you easily set up page redirects and check for broken links;

Just click Set Up Redirect Rules and in the corresponding fields you will need to enter the old and the new URLs and also select the type of redirect.

To check for broken links click the View Redirect Stats and you will see the statistics about existing redirects. The pages marked with red are 404 pages without redirects.

  • Step 8: this is also the default Prestashop option which lets you set up your Google Adwords campaign.
  • Use language annotations: this option adds additional language tag to help Google easier target your page to specific language and regions;

When all the steps are ready just click Save button to apply the changes.

By default the module also creates Google Rich Breadcrumbs, so your pages will be provided on Google search results with breadcrumbs.

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