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Big Day Release: Prestashop Price List

Feb 24, 2014

424 Artem Demidov

Prestashop Price List is a useful solution for managing and generating price lists. The module allows to automatically generate price lists. The lists can be created for a specific product category or for the whole store. The download button for the price lists is displayed directly on the frontend.

Key features:

  • Generate your price lists automatically on the basis of selected attributes;
  • Price lists can be download both as PDF and Excel files;
  • Create separate price lists for all your products and for a specific product category;
  • Customer is able to download either full price list or a specific one based on the category he is currently in;
  • The pricelist block is available on every website page.

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Generating a pricelist could be quite a cumbersome and tiresome task especially if there is a great number of items to be managed and included. We are glad to introduce you the automated solution which can do the job on the fly.

The module lets you automatically create price lists on the basis of attributes which you specify in the settings.

You can also specify to generate pricelists both for the whole list of products and by category and the download link will be available on every page of your store.

How to Configure

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To configure the module log into Prestashop admin panel and go to Modules -> Modules -> Price List -> Configure.

The module settings include the following items:

  • Filename – the name of the price list file;
  • Category specific price lists generation– enable this option if you want to generate a separate price list for every product category;
  • Download icons block location – select the location of the Price List block on the frontend;
  • Display stock– this option lets you show the number of items left for each product in the pricelist;
  • Attributes – select which attributes should be added to the price list.

Once the settings are ready just click Save and the module will start working.

How to Configure

As soon as you install and enable the module it will add a Price List block on every page of your site. The block will contain two links to download the price list either in PDF or Excel format.

You can also enable the module to display a separate price list for every product category.

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