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Big Day Release: Prestashop News

Sep 17, 2013

236 Alex Simonchik

Inform your customers instantly with the latest shop news and events using our News module for Prestashop. This module will help you easily arrange and manage your website content and make the most useful information visible and simply found on your website.

The extension allows you to create unlimited number of news blocks on any page, including the homepage, and display a list of links to the most important pages or news in each block on your web-store. This way you can collect and arrange the most interesting and crucial information in one single block and put in that place on a website where any visitor would be able to find it.

Key features:

  • News blocks can be placed on any website page;
  • Create unlimited number of blocks;
  • Include additional predefined blocks for Popular Articles, Related Articles and Recent Articles to forward your customers to the most favored pages;
  • Choose and assign pages you want to be displayed in the Popular Articles and Related Articles blocks;
  • Blocks can be installed both on the right and left side of a page and page footer;
  • Easy-to-edit block’s content menu;
  • New category pages are automatically integrated into the module.

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If your web-store contains hundreds and thousands of pages, at some point there comes the problem of how to arrange your content more efficiently. Making the most important information and news updates more visible for your clients is also an issue. This is where the Prestashop News module comes into help.

With this extension you will easily organize the most significant and necessary pages into neat and simple news blocks. They can be placed on any page and any location of your web store. The blocks can be placed both on the right and left side of a page and even page footer.

This way you will be able to instantly put the most essential info together into a single block, which will be easily noticeable for your customers.

Now let’s get acquainted with the News module features and how your customers will see them on your website.

Once you create and configure your news blocks and save the changes in the admin panel, the blocks will instantly appear on your website online in accordance with the locations specified in the settings.

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The footer of the page will also display links and extra information according to the applied settings.

The CMS page contains the Most Popular and Latest Articles blocks which display links to other relevant pages.

This way, you can arrange all necessary information and important news and updates into single thematic blocks and place them to those locations of your website, where they would be easily found and viewed by your customers.

This will save time for your clients, improve your website navigation and will make it much easier for users to quickly find the most relevant information.

How to Configure

In order to configure the News module settings and create your first news blocks log into the admin panel and go to the Modules section. In the list of modules choose News -> Configure.

The configuration section comes up with a standard menu where you can create, edit and manage your news blocks.

To start using the module and to create a new block, click the Add new button.

In the New CMS Block section name the new block (the block will appear on the website under this name), choose the location and indicate which CMS content the block should contain.

Click the Save button to apply the changes and make your new block available online. After that you will see this block appear in the list of your active blocks. You can easily edit and delete any of your blocks by clicking the respective shortcuts next to each of them.

The Other configuration section provides additional options and settings which can be applied:

  • display popular and latest CMS posts;
  • add various links and display additional information on a page footer.

Display popular and latest CMS features allow you to show additional Popular Articles and Latest Articles blocks on a CMS page.

The Popular Articles block will display links to the pages which have been assigned as popular when being created.

While the Latest Articles block will contain links to the pages which have recently been created. The number of links to display can be specified in the Number of Latest Posts field.

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