Big Day Release: Prestashop Loyalty Points

Oct 12, 2015201Alex Simonchik
Big Day Release: Prestashop Loyalty Points

To enable Loyalty programs, you probably use default Customer Loyalty and Rewards module. But this module has a serious disadvantage: a customer can’t use loyalty points during checkout and has to trade them for vouchers before buying anything. It isn’t convenient for customers and represents a risk for your sales.

In our Prestashop Loyalty Points module we have corrected this inconvenience. With our module, your loyalty program gets easier and more efficient. After you install our module, a customer won’t have to get back to their account to trade their loyalty points for vouchers.

Key features:

  • No need to convert loyalty points into vouchers;
  • Loyalty points can be applied during checkout;
  • A customer can define how many points (s)he wants to use for an order.

To be efficient, loyalty programs don’t have to be complicated. It’s not obvious for customers that they need to convert their loyalty points into vouchers to use them. Our module shortens the process and augments chances of loyalty programs making an impact on your sales.

! Note that you need to use this module together with default Customer Loyalty and Rewards module (which is Free).

Use the following credentials to login into the customer account – / demodemo

How to Configure

There is nothing to configure in our module.

Since it works together with default Customer Loyalty and Rewards module, you need to configure the latter.

Go to Price Rules -> Marketing

Find “Customer loyalty and rewards” and press Configure.

Here you need to define:

1)    How much money customers need to spend in order to get 1 point.

2)    How much money a customer can save using 1 point.

The rest here is about vouchers. You don’t need to configure it if you are using our module.

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screen-1Prestashop Loyalty Points

How to Use

A customer has collected a certain amount of Rewards points. Now (s)he decides to spend them, finds a product and goes to Checkout. Take a look at the bottom of the next image.

screen-2Prestashop Loyalty Points

In “Use My Rewards Points” section a customer can do the following:

  • Check their points balance;
  • See how many points are required to pay for the entire order;
  • Define the number of points that (s)he wants to apply for this order: a customer needs to enter a number and press “Apply”.

screen-3Prestashop Loyalty Points

Total price changes according to the number of points applied.

screen-4Prestashop Loyalty Points

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  1. Dear Support,

    I use Prestashop Loyalty Points module, but the point keep in status – Awaiting validation, no idea how to approve it. please advise. thank you


  2. Hi

    I use this module on prestashop newest versjon, but i wounder why it seems some country get points. But in philipines foreks, the points is not avaiable?.

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