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Big Day Release: Prestashop Gift Certificate

Mar 31, 2014

398 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: Prestashop Gift Certificate

Just as the name says – this module allows you to buy gift certificates for your friends or even for yourself. With Prestashop Gift Certificate you can choose products to be used as gift certificates and specify prices and other features of the order. Gift code is sent via e-mail and can be redeemed at any time.

Key features:

  • Defining products from your catalog to be used as gift certificates in the admin panel;
  • Any product can be used as certificate;
  • Gift codes are generated automatically;
  • Gift code can be redeem once;
  • If the gift amount is not enough to cover the purchase the rest can be covered via credit card or checkout methods;
  • Creating rules for prices of gift certificates.

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Gift Certificate extension provides the opportunity to buy a gift certificate. It works for any product from your store’s catalog.

Customers can buy certificates for their friends or even for themselves. No matter who the gift is for, it will be easily delivered to chosen address or e-mail. No need in extra codes, complicated actions, or rules to get the certificate – just few clicks and the product is ready to be purchased. Your clients can buy multiple certificates; the amount is not specified or limited.

How to Configure

Log in to the admin panel, and we will start our step-by-step configuring process.

First of all, to work with Gift Certificate extension, go to Modules -> Modules page.

There you will see your module. To configure its features click ‘Configure’.

And here is the only feature available for changing – ‘Order status to create gift certificate after purchase’. This feature has different options:

  • Awaiting bank wire payment;
  • Awaiting cheque payment;
  • Awaiting PayPal payment;
  • Canceled;
  • Delivered;
  • On backorder;
  • Payment accepted;
  • Payment error;
  • Payment remotely accepted;
  • Preparation in progress;
  • Refund;
  • Shipped.

Choose those conditions that will define the moment to create gift certificate after purchasing product in your store. And that’s it!

Let’s go to the Catalog -> Products page.

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Choose an item that is going to be used as a gift in certificate or create a new one. You will get the information about this product: its prices, features, combinations etc. Also there’s a new feature – BelVG Gift Certificate. Press this potion.

Here you can manage whether to use this product for a gift certificate by clicking on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the matching section.

Also you can choose the price type for this object by inserting:

  • Dropdown – those prices that customers can by you products for;
  • Fixed – the price is definite for this product;
  • Range– the amount of money with its low and high values; client can make purchase for the sum in this amount;
  • Custom – customer choose the sum of the order by himself.

Price values section is made for putting necessary cost value depending on the price type you choose.

How to Use

Let’s walk in customer’s shoes and perform necessary actions to get the gift certificate.

If customer wants to buy a certificate, he clicks on the certificate he sees in a catalog and gets detailed information on this item.

If you’ve chosen dropdown price type in admin panel, the field of selected amount looks like this:

Here customer chooses the right amount and makes a purchase.

Also customer has to consider whether to send a certificate to his friend or to himself. To do that client has to choose one of two options in ‘Send this gift certificate(s)’ field:

  • To Myself – system uses the information on a user that he put on his profile and sends the certificate to his address;
  • To Friend – client has to type his friend’s information: name, e-mail, postal address, and any message he wants.

The important thing is that if your product has a real form, the certificate will be sent to the postal address and then delivered to recipient of the gift. If the product is virtual, your customer will have his certificate delivered to the e-mail he typed in necessary field.

So, you’ve made the certificate and sent it. What’s next? Your friend (or yourself), who received a letter with certificate, needs to find product’s page, put this product to the cart and apply the code that was given you in the letter.

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  1. Is the gift certificate image included and can I upload different images for the customer to choose from?

  2. Hello

    Does this gift Card module Work with Prestashop 1.6 ?

    Best regards
    Bjarne Crawack

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