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Big Day Release: Prestashop Fast Checkout

Apr 19, 2013

276 Alex Simonchik

Allow your guests to check out as quickly as a couple of clicks. Save customers from annoying checkout steps with innumerable fields that require unnecessary information. With Prestashop Fast Checkout you can simply select what data the user should share. All fields to fill in will be displayed on one page – no reloads, authorization, wasting time and precious customers. In the back-office, you can easily access customer info.

Key features:

  • Fast checkout
  • All fields to fill in on one page
  • Necessary information only
  • Auto authorization
  • Easy to access info in the back-end
  • Possibility of making fields obligatory

Let’s take a closer look

Default checkout process in Prestashop seems to be overextended: the user has to authorize and complete 6 steps. Maintain strong consumer loyalty by offering a superefficient shopping experience to your guests.

Fast Checkout is a smart solution: it’s now admin who decides what information the guest should provide. All the fields are displayed on one page. The user no longer wastes time creating a profile: the module creates it automatically.

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The admin can assign a data type to a field. Data type limits the information the user can provide so that the typos could be excluded.

Log in to the demo admin panel, and we will show all you may need to configure.

Navigate to Modules -> Belvg Fast Checkout Fields.

Click Add new  to create a new field.

In the Admin name field enter the name of the Fast Checkout field. It will be displayed in the back office.

In the Name field enter the name of the Fast Checkout field. It will be displayed on the front end.

In the Validate type menu select the data type the user is expected to enter while checking out.

Finally, select if the field is obligatory.

Now that you have created Fast Checkout fields, they appear when the user checks out:

User information appears in the back office. For guests the user profile is crated automatically. The order status and the payment method are stated as “Fast Checkout”.

Read the user guide to see how the Fast Checkout module works.

Looking for PrestaShop developers to create a custom module? We are here to help.

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