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Big Day Release: Prestashop FAQ

Oct 1, 2013

322 Alex Simonchik

It there an easy way to create an informative FAQ page for an online shop? Sure there is – with our new FAQ module you will be able to easily generate, update and edit your Frequently Asked Questions page to let your customers find answers to the most important and vital questions.

Key features:

  • Generate a FAQ page for your Internet store;
  • Unlimited number of questions to add;
  • Special form to submit new questions directly from the FAQ page;
  • Receive notifications about submitted questions to your e-mail address;
  • Send responses to customers directly to their e-mails;
  • Possibility to sort questions by categories;
  • Search field included;
  • Link to the FAQ page is automatically added to the footer.

Once you start an online store or any other website to offer goods and services you will inevitably face the necessity to respond to customers’ requests and solve many other support issues. That is why it is extremely important to have informative knowledgebase sections where customers could quickly find solutions themselves for the most frequently occurred problems and questions.

The FAQ module is the right tool to arrange an efficient FAQ page for your website. The features of this module will allow you not only quickly create and easily update unlimited number of questions, but even let your customers submit their own questions and receive your responses directly to their e-mail addresses.

How to Use

In order to enable and configure the FAQ module log into the admin panel and go to the Modules -> Modules section. In the list of modules choose BelVG FAQ -> Configure.

The configuration section will come up with the default sections to configure:

  • Email(s) – enter e-mail addresses where the newly submitted questions will be automatically sent. It is possible to enter several e-mails, separated by commas.
  • Send email to customer – check this box if you want your replies to be automatically sent to customer’s address.

Once you click the Save button you module is ready to work.

How to create and edit questions?

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In order to add or edit a question go to the Modules -> BelVG FAQ section in your administration panel.

The section will display the list of available questions.

To add a new question click the Add New button. This will open the editor page which will offer the following options to configure:

  • Category: specify the category for your new question;
  • Question: enter the question (will be used as a title);
  • Answer: enter the answer text;
  • Displayed: choose if this question should be displayed or not on the FAQ page online;
  • By Customer: specify if your customer should receive an e-mail notification that his question has been responded;
  • Customer e-mail: enter the e-mail of your customer where your response will be sent;
  • Customer name: enter the name of your customer which will be used in the response template.

Once you finish with your settings click Save to apply the changes. You will see the new question appear on the list.

If you wish to edit or delete a question, simply use the quick settings buttons which are available to the right of each question.

How to create a new category

The module allows you to arrange questions by categories, so your customers could easily sort them. To create a category go to the Modules -> BelVG FAQ Categories section. This will open the list of available categories.

To create a category click Add New and enter the name for your new category.

Enable Displayed option if you want this category to be available online.

Once you click the Save button your new category will be added to the list.

How to Use

Now let’s get acquainted with the FAQ module features and how your customers will see them on your website.

Once your questions are ready your customers will be able to see them online on your website.

Sort by and Search fields will help to sort out and quickly find the necessary information.

The link to the FAQ page is also added to the footer

To submit a question you should simply click the Ask a Question link and fill in the required fields.

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