Big Day Release: Prestashop Cut-price Products

Aug 1, 201376
Big Day Release: Prestashop Cut-price Products

If you have faulty products with minor or major defects, Prestashop Cut-price Products is a perfect solution for you to put them into use! Such products will be displayed on the page of the product they are assigned to. The user clicks the link and these cut-price products will appear in a popup window. Admin can add comments about the defects.

Key features:

  • Defected products sold with a special discount
  • Faulty items assigned to the main one
  • Cut-price products pop up
  • Possibility to see all the defected products in one place
  • Comments about the defects

There are many reasons why goods become faulty. But you still can sell such products: enter information about the defects, set the discount and assign them to any other products in your store. Discounted faulty products are displayed in a popup window.

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Link with the list of associated faulty items appears on the front end.

The user can view all the discounted faulty items at once.

The comment appears on the front end.

How to configure the module?

In order to set a product as a faulty discounted one, go to the Belvg Discounted items tab in its settings. Select the Use discount checkbox and enter your comment.

Next, assign faulty products to a normal one. In order to do that, go to the setting of the products you want to assign faulty items to. Go to the Belvg Discounted items tab. In the Associated discounted items field, select faulty products you want to assign.

Visit the demo page or read the user guide to see how the Cut-price Products module works.

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