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Big Day Release: PrestaShop Customer Attributes and Registration Fields

May 8, 2014

679 Alex Simonchik

PrestaShop Customer Attributes and Registration Fields lets you create new attributes and add them as additional fields into the registration page and customer account pages. You can add up to 8 fields of different type and mark them either as required or optional fields – up to your choice.

Key features:

  • Create new attributes and add them as 8 different fields into the registration page;
  • Make fields either obligatory or optional for filling out;
  • Specify the groups of customers to whom the new attributes will be applied;
  • Each attribute has its own type of validation;
  • Information from the additional fields is saved and available to view in the admin panel and for the customer on his profile page.

Customer Attributes and Registration Fields provides an easy way of creating new attributes and adding them as new fields into the registration page. If you need to collect more information about the customers who are registering on your store – this is exactly the module you need to use.

The extension does not require any additional configurations – within a few simple steps you can create and place additional fields on your registration page and even select to what customer groups these attributes will be applied.

All information is saved directly in the customer profile, so you can view it right in your administration panel.

How to Use

Now, let’s show you how the new attributes will look like on the frontend.

When a user tries to create a new account, on the registration page he sees some additional fields which he needs to fill out.

According to the settings you use, some of the fields can be made obligatory and some can be made optional for filling out. Once the customer is registered, he can view this additional information right in his account settings.

The same information is also available for the administrator in the admin panel under the Customers section.


How to Configure

How to create new attributes

After the installation the module does not require any additional configurations, so you may start with creating new customer attributes.

Log into the administration panel and go to the Customers – BelVG Customer Attributes section. There you will be able to see the list of your existing attributes.

Since we have just installed the module we do not have any attributes to use yet, therefore, click the Add New button to create your first attribute.

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For the new attribute you will need to set up the following options:

  • Name – give name to the new attribute;
  • Code – provide name which will be used by the attribute in the page source. You can use the same name as in the Name field;
  • Status – use these buttons to switch the attribute on/off;
  • Sort order – using this field you can define the order of the attribute on the registration page. Use numbers starting from 1(the first position on the page), 2(the second position) etc. If you set 0 to all your attributes they will be sorted by the date of creation;
  • Display on pages – select pages, where this attribute will be displayed. You can choose to display the attribute either only on the registration page or My Account page or on both of them;
  • Required – specify, whether this attribute is obligatory or optional for filling out;
  • Type – indicate the type of the attribute you are going to create. If you select Text or Textarea this will invoke the additional option Validation.

The module provides the following types of attributes to create:

  • Text – this option lets your users enter short text information. You can use this attribute for such fields as Name, Full Name, Phone number etc;
  • Textarea – this attribute is used to let customers provide large amount of text information, such as descriptions, notes etc;
  • Date – this attribute creates a date field where users can select a specific date or date range;
  • Radio – you can add radio buttons to let your users choose one of predefined set of options;
  • Multiselect – this attribute allows users to select multiple options at once;
  • Dropdown – this attribute will create a list box of options, which allows the user to choose only one value from the list;
  • Image – lets users upload an image. The maximum image size is defined in the additional field which appears when you select this option;
  • Attachment – users can attach a file. The maximum file size is defined in the additional field which appears when you select this option.
  • Customer groups – select the groups of customers that the new attribute will affect.

Once the settings are ready click the Save button to save your first attribute.

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