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Big Day Release: PrestaShop Brands and Logos

Apr 17, 2014

282 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: PrestaShop Brands and Logos

Prestashop Brands and Logos module enhances your store with a new useful feature: attaches the supplier’s and manufacturer’s logo to each product. Customers can click the logo and this way will be able to view the complete list of products provided either by that specific manufacturer or supplier.

Key features:

  • Attach manufacturer’s and supplier’s logo to each product;
  • Customers can easily sort the product by brand;
  • Stylish slider with the list of manufacturers on the homepage;
  • Logos are displayed both on product and catalog pages and in the quickview window.

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The new Brands and Logos extension possesses several unique and useful features which can help you improve your website navigation and make the life of your customers much easier.

Quite often a product may have more than one supplier, so with this module you have an opportunity to attach and display the logo not only for the manufacturer but also of every supplier for that product.

Once the customer clicks on a logo, he will see the list of all products provided either by that manufacturer or supplier.

Moreover, the homepage is enhanced with an eye-catching slider that displays the list of all brands presented in your store. So, users can easily navigate through the slider to quickly find the brand they are interested in.

How to Configure

Let’s go through the list of settings which will require your attention once the module is installed.

To access the settings, log into your administration panel and go to Modules – Modules section. In the list of installed modules find Brands and Logos and click Configure.

The module settings comprise the General Catalog Settings and Slider Settings.

Catalog Settings

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  • Show brand on product page – enable this option if you want brand logos to be available on product page;
  • Show brand on catalog page – enable this option if you want brand logos to be available on catalog page;
  • Show supplier on product page – this option displays suppliers’ logos on product page;
  • Show supplier on catalog page – this option displays suppliers’ logos on catalog page;
  • Image type  – specify the size of images which will be used for logos.

Slider Settings

  • Position (hook) – specify the position of the slider on the homepage (top or bottow);
  • Manufacturers on slider – indicate the number of manufacturers which are available on the slider;
  • Show on mobile devices – enable this option to make the slider available for mobile devices;
  • Matches expression for mobile – specify the supported devices;
  • Visible Items – specify the number of logos which are visible on the slider at a time;

Scroll items – indicate how many logos will be scrolled with one click.

How to Use

Now it is time to provide you with the insigh how the logos and brands will be actually displayed on your website.

When the module is installed your homepage gets a stylish and attractive slider which displays the list of promoted brands.

If a customer clicks on any logo he will see the list or products which is available on your store by that brand.

The supplier’s and manufacturer’s logos are also added to the product page and catalog pages.

And even can be seen on the quick view window.

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