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Big Day Release: Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

Nov 17, 2014

521 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export is a new product export plugin for Prestashop. Ajax technology allows you to quickly export all products and their features into the CSV format without any server errors.

Key features:

  • Advanced export of products and product features into the CSV format;
  • You can select to export either specific categories, manufacturers and product features or all products and their features at once;
  • Create and save templates to quickly export predefined set of categories and features.

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Big shops have always faced problems to quickly export big lists of products, especially if you also need to export a set of features for every product. That is why we have developed the Ajax-based plugin that is capable to quickly export big loads of data. The module settings are structured in a way that allows you to quickly select the types of products and features you need to export: you just need to put a mark against necessary categories, manufacturers and features. Your settings can be saved as separate export profiles, so you can create different profiles and use them on different occasions.

How to Use

After the installation the module does not require any additional configurations. As soon as the extension is installed and enabled you can enjoy the enhanced performance of the Ajax Product Export features.

Let’s see how the module works.

  • Log into the admin panel and go to Modules – Product Export Profiles.
  • Click the Add New button to create your first export profile.

1Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

The default template will contain the following three blocks:

  • Categories – here you need to select the product categories that will be exported;
  • Manufacturers – select to export the necessary manufacturers;
  • Features – choose the features that should be exported.

Note: if you select neither category nor manufacturer nor feature, the module will automatically export all the data.

2Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

Once you are finished with the settings, click the Save button and you will see your new profile added to the list of profiles in the admin panel.

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3Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

To export your products, enter any of your export profiles and click the Start button. As soon as the export is finished you will see the link to download the export CSV file.

1Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

The export is in process.

5Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

The export is finished and the CSV file is ready.

6Prestashop Ajax CSV Product Export

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