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Big Day Release: PrestaShop Age Verification Page

Apr 9, 2014

341 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: PrestaShop Age Verification Page

The Age Verification Page is a Prestashop module that allows for a special age verification window on your store. Customers, who visit your website for the first time, will be prompted to pass a simple verification to confirm that they have reached the required age to be able to view the website content.

Key features:

  • Age verification pop-up;
  • Use your own custom images and text on the verification page;
  • Apply verification window either for the whole website or for a specific page only;

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Age verification is a necessary measure for websites, which may contain explicit content that is allowed to view for adults only. For such sites we have developed a special module which prompts visitors with a popup where they have to confirm that they have come of age to be able to access the content of the site.

The main advantage of this module is that it is very flexible: with this extension you can apply the verification process either to some specific page or just for the whole site.

Moreover, the module gives you an option to upload any logo and supply it with any text you want!

How to Configure

So, once the module is installed it is time so set up basic configurations for your verification page.

Log into your admin panel and go to Modules -> Modules -> Age Verification Page -> Configure.

The settings include the following options:

Global settings

  • Global verification – if you enable this option, the verification popup will be applied for all pages;
  • Single check – this option makes the verification page appear only one time. Once the verification is passed, the page will not be displayed again when the user visits other website pages;
  • Verification age – specify the age the user should confirm to pass the verification;

Logo settings

  • State – select Enable if you want to display an image on your verification popup;
  • Image – upload an image file;
  • Keep Image Ratio – these settings allow keeping the image ratio: if you change one parameter of the image, the module will automatically adjust the other one;
  • Width – specify image width in pixels;
  • Height – indicate image height in pixels;

Text 1:

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  • State – select Enable if you want to add some text content to your verification page.
  • Content – enter the text you wish to display.  Using HTML tags is supported;


  • State – enable this option if you want to display date selection fields on the verification page, otherwise only Leave and Enter buttons will be displayed;
  • Leave text – specify the text to display on the Leave button;
  • Enter text – specify the text to display on the Enter button;

Text 2

Text 2 settings allow you to add the text which will be displayed under the Leave and Enter buttons.

  • State – select Enable if you want to add some text content to your verification page;
  • Content – enter the text you wish to display.  Using HTML tags is supported.

Confirmation checkbox

  • State – select Enable to add a confirmation checkbox to the verification page;
  • Text – specify the text which will be displayed near the confirmation checkbox;

Custom CSS Styles

Using these settings you can apply your own custom css styles for the page. Just select Enable and enter the styles you wish to use.

How to create a verification page for a specific page only?

If you do not want the verification page to show up for the whole website, you can enable it for a specific page only.

First of all you need to select Disable in the module global settings.

After that go to Catalog – > Products -> slick the product for which you want to enable the verification page -> go to the Age Verification page tab and click Enable checkbox.

How to Use

So, not let’s see what kind of verification page your customers will see after you apply it.

We have set up a global verification page for the whole website. So, when you visit the site for the first time you are welcomed with a verification popup.

The popup window shows up the image which we have uploaded, text content and the verification checkbox.

try now user guide 

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