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Big Day Release: Magento Quick Top Links

Nov 27, 2012

403 Andrei Danilchyk

Big Day Release: Magento Quick Top Links

Magento Quick Top Links extension allows accessing store main sections right away when hovering the mouse pointer over top links – instantly, with no clicks. Popping up default blocks contain items in Cart and Wishlist with the ability to edit and delete products and proceed to checkout, Log In fields, About Us info and My Account menu. It’s possible to add your own top links and configure blocks appearing when hovering over them.

Key features:

  • Top links enhanced with pop up blocks
  • Blocks appear on hover
  • Custom blocks content is created in WYSIWYG editor

Let’s review these features closer.

Overall information

Upgrade your top links to the advanced navigation tool, which decreases number of clicks and page reloads, improves browsing experience, allows checking out instantly and increases sales.

Configure animation settings for the blocks and check the configuration in the demo. Enable blocks for the default top links: My Account, My cart, My Wishlist and Log In. Create custom top links and edit the content of the pop-up in the WYSIWYG editor. Enable the fixed menu feature for top links to take a permanent place in the screen.

Navigate to System –> Configuration –> BelVG extensions -> Quick Top Links.

General settings

In the first line of General Settings area, enable the extension.

In Customer’s Links menu, select if custom top links should be displayed.

In Link’s Scroll Bar menu, select if you want to fix the panel with top links so that the user would see them after the page is scrolled down.

In Overlay menu, select if you want the overlay to appear when hovering over the top menu link.

In the next Default Links Settings area, configure default top links.

Configure default top links

Select Dropdown for pop-up block to appear. Blocks for Checkout and Log out links are not necessary; the only options are therefore Enable and Disable.

The next area is Animation Settings. Configure how blocks should appear and disappear: type and style as well as time before animation starts and total animation time in milliseconds. Hover the mouse pointer over the BelVG logo.

Configure and test animation

Finally, in Wishlist Link Settings area, enter the maximum number of items being displayed in the My Wishlist block.

Wishlist Link Settings

To create a custom top link and block, appearing when hovering over it, go to CMS -> Static Blocks. Click Add New Block and create the content. Save the block.

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Create custom block content in WYSIWYG editor

Go to CMS -> Toplinks and click Add new. Create a new top link. In Stores Settings tab, select Enabled in Store checkbox in the corresponding area. In Static Block menu, select the block you want to appear when hovering over the link.

Blocks appear when the pointer is hovered over default and custom top links.

Visit the demo page or read the user guide to see how the Quick Top Links works.

Log In block

About Us block

My Cart block

My Account drop-down menu

My Wishlist block

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