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Big Day Release: Magento Customer Images Uploader

Jun 4, 2013

831 Artem Demidov

Big Day Release: Magento Customer Images Uploader

Allow users to upload images for your products and in that way be a significant part of your store life with Customer Images Uploader. This feature will make the content of your site dynamic and unique, and the customers will be happy and loyal due to the impressive level of their involvement. Any uploaded picture appears on the front end after admin approval only. Both guests and registered visitors can upload images. The most active users can be automatically rewarded with configurable discount coupons. Uploaded images can be displayed among other product images or in the special slider.

Key features:

  • Customers upload images for products
  • Images moderation
  • Admin receives emails when new images are uploaded
  • Customer images slider
  • Discount coupons for uploading images
  • Both logged in customers and guests can upload

How does it work?

Customers remember information better and can better recall it when it is represented visually, studies show. So don’t hesitate to make it visual! Allow users share their impressions of this or that product in form of images. They will upload images of how items look and work. This contribution will be appreciated by both uploaders and other customers, which will result in high conversion rates and increased sales.

Upload Images button appears on every product page. Admin validates uploaded pictures and adds them to product images or to the special slider that is created by the extension. Encourage your customers and configure discount coupons to reward them for uploading a certain amount of pictures. Change the ecosystem of your site, make it vibrant and enjoy the great feature brought to you from the world’s eCommerce giants!

magento webdesign

Magento Webdesign

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Visit the page

Log in to the admin panel, and we will show all you may need to configure.

Navigate to System –> Configuration –> Customer Images Uploader.

Configure the extension

Configure emails the admin receives when new pictures are uploaded. Configure the slider with the uploaded pictures.

Configure the extension

Configure discount coupons to encourage customers upload more.

Configure the extension

All uploaded pictures appear and can be moderated in Customers -> Upload images.

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Uploaded images appear in the list in the admin area

Select pictures. In the Actions menu, select whether the images should be added to the product pictures block, to the slider or deleted. You may also change the status of the images to Awaiting, Approved or Dismissed for better navigation among pictures.

Select images and perform actions

The user uploads images on the product page.

The user uploads the image(s) on the product page

If approved, customer images are displayed on the front end

If configured, customer images appear in the slider

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Magento Custom Development

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Visit the page

Visit the demo page or read the user guide to see how the Customer Images Uploader extension works.

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