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Big Day Release: Magento CMS Product Placement

Oct 5, 2012

200 Alex Stepanov

Big Day Release: Magento CMS Product Placement

CMS Product Placement extension allows arranging a spectacular product presentation on any of Magento CMS pages. Simply choose the page in the admin panel, select product category, attribute and option in the extra CMS Product Placement tab and the items will be displayed right where you’ve configured.

Key features:

  • Adding products to CMS pages
  • Setting product category, attribute and option

Let’s review these features closely.

Magento lacks a good way of including a group of products on a CMS page. However there is a strong need to add a dynamic content. Magento CMS Page Product Placement allows user to include items sorted not only by category, but by attribute and option.

With this extension admin has a huge potential in product promotion and placement. Previously text-only, CMS pages can now include product grid with items that are at the right place and time.

Include bestselling or discount products on a homepage or vary a brand page with items of this same brand.

CMS page to include products into is chosen in System -> CMS -> Pages.

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Admin navigates to CMS Pages Product Placement tab in Page Information column and selects category, attribute (if there is one for the selected category) and option of products he/she wants to be displayed on the CMS page in the Edit Page area.

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Here is an example of the About Us page with configured products included:

Visit the demo page to see how the extension works. Need a supportive Magento integration partner? Turn to BelVG!

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