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Belarus Meets Magento and Magento Meets Belarus on Meet Magento Belarus 2015

Sep 22, 2015

455 Andrey Dubina

Belarus Meets Magento and Magento Meets Belarus on Meet Magento Belarus 2015

For the fourth time in history Meet Magento was held in Belarus.

This year two BelVG developers visited the conference and were excited about getting many useful tips.

The conference opening was officially announced in Belarusian and English languages.

10.10 Front-end in Magento, and more. Prospects, technologies, and tools

The speech about new technologies for Frontend development. Some particular aspects that you need to take into account were explained, like how to create your own tags instead of standard ones.

10.45 How to make benefits with multi-channel customer support. Magic recipes for eCommerce

An interesting speech for store owners. Many different approaches to support service and client relationship management were covered.

11.15 Round table discussion: Q&A with Magento representatives


12.00 Coffee Break and Networking

Our guys had a wonderful chat with their counterparts from other Belarusian companies.

12.20 Building scalable Magento on Microsoft Azure with Chef


The speech for System Administrators: how to adjust Magento for better performance, how to deal with servers etc.

12.55 Magento 2 Import/Export: Performance Challenges and Victories We Got at Open Source Ecommerce


The speech by EPAM Systems. They were vendors who developed Import and Export for Magento 2. Their challenge was to make Import and Export faster than in Magento 1.
They explained how they reached their goal and how they made Import and Export even more performing than Magento expected of them.

13.30 Lunch Break

* A compliment to hosts: “The lunch was delicious” (BelVG developers).

Vlad Yunusov
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14.30 Magento 2 checkout from Frontend perspective (Magento 2)


The participants got acquainted with Checkout in Magento 2 that is generated by JS. There are only 2 steps instead of 6 and no footer or header.

15.10 Persuasive e-commerce


The longest and the most active speech. It was held in a very cool manner. Psychological aspects that can help to improve conversion rate were explained.

Some of the tips that were explained:

  • If you sell 3 bottles of wine of the same quality you better not put the same price for all of them. If you sell bottle 1 for 10 dollars, bottle 2 for 15 and bottle 3 for 20, the best seller will be bottle 2.
  • If you sell something and your potential customer has doubts about it, there are equal chances of them buying the product and not buying the product. But if you use the countdown, it will augment the chances of them buying your product.

15.50 How to gain up revenue on Email marketing: TOP 10 triggered emails

A speech about email Newsletters that can increase revenue for Store owners.

16.40 Magento applications and modules functional testing


Speech about things you shouldn’t forget when you test Magento: how to test pages, products and modules.

17.15 Support X-Files

About common problems that Support Department faces. What to do if access credentials are not valid, what to do if there is no site on the server, what to do if you can’t access the website but there are no logs.

18.00 Official Closing Ceremony and Prize Draw

The organizers made a little quiz: the first person who raised hand and answered the question got a gift (a T-Shirt, a mug, a PHP Storm license etc.). BelVG developers performed well and won 2 T-Shirts and a mug.

Our developers who visited the conference would like to thank all speakers and participants and are looking forward to attend the next Meet Magento Belarus (we at BelVG hope that not just as participants but as speakers).

Such conferences help to promote Belarusian Magento Community and are a wonderful opportunity for Belarusian Magento Community to learn new things that can’t be taught without live conversations and discussions.

Meet Magento Belarus, see you next year!

We would like to say hi to Meet Magento New York! We send you best wishes from Belarus!

The photos used in this article are from Twitter #mm15by

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