Attribute Admin Page Pagination In Magento

Jan 20, 2014371
Attribute Admin Page Pagination In Magento

Some of our clients with catalogues containing huge amounts of products experience certain issues coming with the sheer amount of stuff in the admin. For example one of our customer’s stores collected over 5000 options for the attribute Color over time. In addition, the store had about  20 store views. All this resulted in a great problem because the Options page was loading extremely slowly and it was almost impossible to save any changes.


So, as a possible solution we decided to create pagination for that page. This way, we could limit the number of options to output. For these purposes we had to override the method getOptiоnVаlues() in the block Mаge_Adminhtml_Blосk_Cаtаlоg_Prоduсt_Attribute_Edit_Tаb_Optiоns аdminhtml

and the template


in the module AttributePаginаtiоn.

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As a result we have a page with pagination that allows to work with huge arrays of attribute options:


So, anyone who has similar problems can download and use the attached module for free.

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  1. Hi,

    I can’t install your code in my test store. I tried uploading the file in magenta connect and it says:

    CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid
    Invalid package name, allowed: [a-zA-Z0-9_-] chars
    Invalid version, should be like: x.x.x
    Invalid stability
    Invalid date, should be YYYY-DD-MM
    Invalid channel URL
    Empty authors section
    Empty package contents section

    I then tried to extract the files and manually move them in place and I don’t see the changes in the admin.

    My magento version is

    How can I properly install/setup this code?!

  2. wulfshade,

    You need to manually upload the module. But in case you not see the changes, then most probably something has been implemented incorrectly. If you want, we can do this for you, but you need to contact our support team at

  3. Afternoon,

    This module looks perfect to solve this exact problem I’m having. Unfortunately the download link at the bottom of the article no longer works.

    Is the file available elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hello!

    This should be exactly what I need.
    Could you please update the download link?

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing, confirmed still working in Magento I just had to add two fixes in /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/belvg/catalog/product/attribute/options.phtml:

    1. Fix page opening on default “Properties” tab after each page switch add the following before ending tag around line #209:

    // activate labels/options tab on page load if pagination active
    (function() {
    var preactivate = true,
    activate_tab = function() {
    if(preactivate === true && !$(‘product_attribute_tabs_labels’).hasClassName(‘active’)) {

    $(‘product_attribute_tabs_main’).observe(‘click’, function() {
    preactivate = false;

    if(window.location.href.indexOf(“/n/”) > -1 || window.location.href.indexOf(“/p/”) > -1) {
    setTimeout(activate_tab, 500);
    setTimeout(activate_tab, 1000);
    setTimeout(activate_tab, 2000);

    Change the pagination next/prev buttons to contain the number of results shown (around line #230):
    <a href="#" title="__(‘Previous page’) ?>” onclick=”window.location.href=’new_url . ‘/p/’ . ($_curPage-1) . ‘/n/’ . ($this->n) ?>’;return false;”><img src="getSkinUrl(‘images/pager_arrow_left.gif’) ?>” alt=”Go to Previous page” class=”arrow”/>

    <a href="#" title="__(‘Next page’) ?>” onclick=”window.location.href=’new_url . ‘/p/’ . ($_curPage+1) . ‘/n/’ . ($this->n) ?>’;return false;”><img src="getSkinUrl(‘images/pager_arrow_right.gif’) ?>” alt=”Go to Next page” class=”arrow”/>

  6. Hi, Zahed!
    No, unfortunately, we don’t have this extension for Magento 2 version. You can turn to our support at and we can help you solve this problem

  7. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing this, unfortunately the download link is not working. Could you update the link?

  8. Hi, Jestoni!

    The Attribute Pagination module was released 5 years ago, which makes it a greatly outdated tool for 2019. Unfortunately, there is no updated version of the module at the moment. If you require some assistance with your Magento, please turn to our support at

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