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Administration Panel In Prestashop

Jun 26, 2013

2885 Alex Simonchik

Administration Panel In Prestashop

Administration panel is only used by store owners and staff. It’s not fancy-looking and it doesn’t have sliders, newsfeeds, blogs, social features or any other front-end eye-catchers. It’s very logical and extremely useful yet user-friendly. Administrators know it as a place that allows you to manage your system, edit products, manage your modules, view orders etc. How does it work?


Controllers for the administration panel are located in this folder: site_path/controllers/admin/*.

They can also be placed in a module folder, for example: site_path/modules/belvg_stickerspro/AdminStickersPro.php

Controllers that are located in module folders are inherited from MоduleAdminCоntrоllerCоre, which, in turn, is inherited from the class AdminCоntrоllerCоre.

Let’s describe the functions of the class AdminCоntrоller:

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Let’s take a real constructor as an example:

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  1. Soufiane,

    The route to override the controller template: override/controller/controllers/admin/templates. If you look at the function classes/controller/AdminController.php -> display() you will see that the path to the header.tpl file depends on the controller. So you can override it only for a particular controller but doe the whole site.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your tuto, but i didn’t work for me, i have prestashop 1.6.11 and i want to override header.tpl and footer.tpl of admin theme.
    I puted them to override/controller/controllers/admin/templates
    But nothing happined

  3. Thanks for the useful functions, I’ve a question:

    how can I create a blank template to print orders (don’t need header footer, wanted to use my own smarty simple template to show specific information by using a template?

  4. Karthik,

    Basically, orders can be filtered out only by their status, which is assigned by the carrier. To filter by method of payment you need to customize the controller AdminOrders.

  5. how to use the process filter function in order page to filter out only cash on delivery payment orders in backoffice order list page..

  6. Chetаn,

    Most likely you forgot to make Required for your custom Markers class within your AdminCоntrоller.

  7. Hi
    Can you please tell me I want to add class for the admin controller created by me but when I click on add new button it shows following error

    Fatal error: Class ‘Makers’ not found in C:\wamp\www\prestashop\classes\controller\AdminController.php on line 1352

  8. Kirti Umrigar ,

    Please, check out how the function addRowAction of the class AdminController is implemented. To create the New button you need to call the function $this->addRowAction() in your AdminModuleController

  9. Hello,
    Nice Blog
    Thank you
    but can u tell me how to hide “Add New” and “Refresh List” button from the toolbar in listing page. (in back office)

  10. Евгений,

    You can verify your query by debugging this variable $this->_listsql in AdminController::getList()

  11. I followed yours instructions and came across a problem.
    When I try to use “$this->_join =” or “$this->_select” result in Helper List is empty.
    P.S. SQL query is correct.

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