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Big Day Release: Prestashop Product Hover

Jun 23, 2016

492 Alexey Homiakov

Big Day Release: Prestashop Product Hover

Prestashop Product Hover is a small and powerful extension that provides your customers with additional information about products without entering the product page.

The module works as a simple pop-up that appears when a customer hovers a mouse point over products on a catalog page. The pop-up window may contain such useful details as: available product colors, sizes, stock availability. This saves customers’ time and improves user-friendliness and usability of your store.

Key features:

  • Simple installation, no programming skills required;
  • The module does not require any additional configurations;
  • Select the information you want to display on the pop-up just with a mouse click;
  • The pop-up may take either a fixed position or move along with the mouse point over the product icon.

How to Configure and Use

Log into your Prestashop admin panel and switch to Modules and Services BelVG Product Hover – click Configure.

Prestashop Product Hover

Select the items you wish to display on the pop-up window for every product in your store:

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  • Color – available product colors;
  • Shoes size – available sizes for shoes;
  • Sizes – sizes for other products;
  • Check Stock – display the status of the product (either in stock or not);
  • Static Positions – this option will make the pop-up window take a fixed static position on the product icon. If you disable this option the pop-up will move over the product together with the mouse point.

Big Day Release: Prestashop Product Hover

That is all – no other settings need your attention!

And this is how the pop-up will look on the front-end.

Big Day Release: Prestashop Product Hover

Do not want to install and configure the module on your own? Contact BelVG support team to take care of your website.

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