Magento Migration for Meat4you

High-quality meat expertise from 3 butcher generations

Meat4you is a company located in Lupfig, Germany with its business focusing on meat with their know-how being passed from generation to generation. The online meat store is part of the Kyburz family corporate group that has been working in the sphere of livestock and meat trade since 1943. The company also runs the traditional inn and butcher shop in Lupfig. The company consists of zealous professionals who know exactly how to make meat lovers happy with their online store offering a rich selection of finest meat at the best price on the market. The meat is delivered directly to the door or for pickup at the inn Gasthof zum Ochsen in Lupfig.


The company meat4you aspired to take their online store to the next level upgrading the ecommerce platform and adding new valuable features. Their primary goals were Magento migration to the more advanced version, bug fixing, support and maintenance services. Our devoted team of experts who are high-fliers in ecommerce suggested ways to improve their website. After performing Magento migration of the website and moving it to the new web server, several bug fixes were carried out. A special Walle API was added and to enhance the communication options Sendinblue email marketing software was introduced to optimise email strategy.


Magento Upgrade


Our certified Magento developers have successfully upgraded the meat4you website from 2.2.4 to 2.3.3 version. After the completion of this migration, the performance of the ecommerce website was improved significantly and the page loading speed was increased by 60%. The ecommerce website of the meat4you online store runs on an optimized web server. The website of the company features two languages: English and German. The Intercom tool is implemented to use the feedback forms and conduct surveys, as well as for a ticketing system and a social bookmarking service. Wallee payment system was added in this project to ensure effortless payments allowing selling and scaling opportunities on the global market. Besides, it implies easy acceptance with payment plugins per drag and drop, adjusting to the objectives of the digital era.


For data structuring, Microdata and JSON-LD encoding methods are issued to serialize the data in a way that is similar to traditional JSON. As an instrument for high quality top-notch analytics Facebook Pixel is used. It allows collecting data in order to assist you with tracking conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads and build targeted audiences for future ads, as well as remarket to the clients who have already taken some kind of activity on your website. Besides, Facebook Conversion Tracking Usage Statistics tool featuring conversion tracking functionality allows the user to track advertisement clicks.


Magento Bug Fixing


After the upgrade, several bugs were fixed to optimise the performance of the meat4you online store and ensure its smooth and reliable work. The Viewport Meta lets the user control the width and scaling of the viewport so that it’s sized correctly on all devices, including but not limited to the mobile ones. The website contains the code that allows the page to support mobile content, as well as Apple mobile web clips icons that are used for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.


In regards to the advertising technologies, Facebook Custom Audiences make it possible to contact customers who visit the website, as well as deliver the appropriate message for them on Facebook. With the help of Meta Robot Usage Statistics, the meta robots tag is placed on the page so that search engines and robots can identify if they should or should not index the page. Search engines are enabled to get a grasp on the original location for content due to the presence of Canonical Content Tag.


Magento Support and Maintenance


Our BelVG Magento professionals have provided the meat4you ecommerce website with support services. First-rate support is of pivotal importance for every online business that strives for delivering excellent shopping experience for their clients. Sendinblue marketing instrument was added in order to enhance the email strategy of the company. This service enables the shop to communicate with the customers in a more direct way, so that urgent messages or time-sensitive offers can be sent easily, as well as the marketing automation and  customer segmentation can be carried out more effectively. Besides, it provides the company with the opportunity to build stronger relationships with the clients by keeping all customer data safely in one place. To make the store more secure, Content Security Policy prevents cross-site scripting XSS attacks.


On the meat4you ecommerce website X-Frame-Options HTTP response header is used for indication whether a browser should be allowed to carry out a page rendering in a frame or iframe, which can be used  to avoid clickjacking attacks, by making sure that their content is not embedded into other websites. With X-UA-Compatible Usage Statistics a website can define how a page is rendered in Internet Explorer 8, allowing it to make a final decision on whether to choose IE7 style rendering over IE8 rendering. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to describe the presentation of the document written in a markup language.


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