Custom Magento 2 Product Configurator for Vinduesgrossisten

Splendid custom-made windows and doors of impeccable quality and fancy design made in Denmark

Vinduesgrossisten is a Danish company that sells windows and doors at affordable prices without compromising the quality. The company was established in 2013 and has offered high-quality windows and doors in wood, wood/aluminium and plastic since then. The Vinduesgrossisten company is a wholesaler that provides excellent services in manufacturing windows and doors of a superior kind. Their clients can save time and money by calculating the price on the website without any need to contact the company directly. The policy of the company includes a transparent approach to price calculation on the official website and direct delivery from the factory, which makes it appealing to the customers who strive for straightforward communication with the seller and first-rate customer experience.


The Vinduesgrossisten company asked our BelVG specialists to help them with the website. First of all, the goal was to migrate the online store to Magento 2. Then, in order to enhance the functionality of the website, several valuable integrations took place. The most unique feature is a special configuration tool that allows buyers to calculate the price of the windows or doors online without reaching out to the sales department directly saving time and money. Efficient support and maintenance services were provided to ensure smooth and reliable performance of the website. Besides, Vinduesgrossisten asked us to help them in the development of the German, Islandic, Norvegian versions of their online store.


Magento 2 Migration


Vinduesgrossisten decided to migrate their website to the more advanced and up-to-date ecommerce platform Magento 2. It is highly recommended to migrate your website to the latest Magento version, as Magento 1 became obsolete and poses danger to the performance of your online store and its safety. Magento 1 has been on the ecommerce market for more than 10 years and was very popular in the past. Nevertheless, the Magento 1 era is gone and now it is not supported by Adobe, which means that there is no technical support, security patches or bug fixes anymore. Besides, third-party integrations and extensions or theme support are no longer available,  leading to the unavoidable insecurities of the system that inevitably make running the online shop on Magento 1 extremely risky.


It is a good idea to consider migration to the improved version in this case. Any changes, additions or enhancements can be easily introduced to the new version of the platform. Our experienced coders migrate all the data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 successfully. Migration to Magento 2 helped the Vinduesgrossisten online store optimize the performance and streamline current operations. Moreover, among other Magento 2 benefits you can find better SEO, improved security, increased speed due to varnish caching support and in-built image compression. It allows you to optimize images immediately with the help of built-in instruments, as well as to decrease the loading time which leads to higher conversion rates. For sure, migration to Magento 2 was the right decision as with the more advanced version of the ecommerce platform clients of the online store can enjoy more user-friendly experience and, as a result, the seller will receive more customer satisfaction.


Magento 2 Custom Development and Integration


We created a special Windows and Doors Configuration tool that helps the Vinduesgrossisten clients customize their orders, calculate the price, and place the orders without any need to reach out to the seller directly. It provides the opportunity to select the dimensions of the window and customize them. Moreover, the same opportunity is provided for the doors – the Vinduesgrossisten clients can select the type of the door and the door handle, customize them according to their tastes and preferences. What is more, you can customize the product both on the frontend and in the admin panel. We added the feature to enhance the checkout process that allows the first advance payment of 10%, and the rest of the sum can be paid after the manufacturing of the product. Our team of talented professionals improved the customer experience of the Vinduesgrossisten clients with Trust pilot integration, which allows them to leave their feedback on the website. Another unique integration that our experienced coders performed allows easier placement of the order at the factory. In addition, it is possible to make changes in the order if the client has made a mistake while purchasing with the Master account.


Integration with the factory system made the work of the sales department easier as it allows you to calculate automatically the delivery details and the number of products that can fit into one car. The design was suggested by the Vinduesgrossisten company and our seasoned Magento developers successfully worked on it. Our experienced BelVG developers created the completely new theme for Vinduesgrossisten from scratch on the basis of the Page builder to deliver a quick and effective solution. Besides, a possibility to set a discount with the corresponding timer and CMS pages were added. Among the most significant integrations that we performed for Vinduesgrossisten were several payment gateways such as Quick pay and Mobile pay, as well as Klarna integration.


Magento 2 Support


For Vinduesgrossisten we continuously carry out support and maintenance services in order to ensure stable and reliable performance of the website. Our certified Magento developers who have years of experience in the field of ecommerce, regularly check the work of the Vinduesgrossisten online store and, if needed, perform all the necessary maintenance and fixing services, add the additional features that are essential for flawless functioning. We make everything possible to ensure stable and efficient work of the website according to the latest technologies and global trends in ecommerce. Moreover, an exclusive Ticket system was added, with the help of which you can download the photos of the products in case they are damaged and have scratches. E-conomic intuitive accounting system was added to streamline the bookkeeping process and at the same time make it more powerful.


Our Magento software development engineers are mature seasoned professionals in the field with a continuous history of delivering cutting-edge solutions for more than 10+ years on the ecommerce market all over the world from Europe to the USA. Our Magento 2 experts provided remarkable support and maintenance services to Vinduesgrossisten  to guarantee the excellent work of the ecommerce website and outstanding shopping experience for their buyers.


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