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Adobe Commerce migration and custom integrations for Ekstralys

About Ekstralys


Ekstralys is a Scandinavian company that operates in four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. They focus on selling LED lamps, vehicle lighting equipment, and accessories.


Project overview


Ekstralys is a multi store and has a total of 6 stores: 2 of them are B2B and 4 are B2C. Stores target 4 different regions and have different prices.


We started working together by fixing bugs and optimizing Ekstralys website on Magento 1. We installed missing security patches, optimized metatags and pictures, fixed filter navigation, configurable products, and other minor bugs.


Shortly after, the client decided to migrate the website to Adobe Commerce as the Magento 1 had reached the End of Life by that time. Another reason is that the client wanted to switch to Magento Cloud. This would improve the site performance.


During our work, Ekstralys also asked the team to migrate their forum to another server, optimize its speed, and perform other upgrades.


Some of the pages were built on WordPress, so the BelVG team migrated around 100+ pages to Magento 2 with the help of Page Builder. We also integrated the WordPress blog as well as implemented the following integrations:


  • Akeneo for the product data management
  • Klarna Checkout for B2C stores
  • marketing tools as Product Review Reminder, custom Google Tag Manager and Tradtracker.


In addition, our developers customized the checkout, the pages of the configurable products, and the category pages.


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PrestaShop-certified developers+24
Zend-certified developers+12






Auto industry


Adobe Commerce Cloud

Services & notable features

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • WordPress blog integration
  • Forum upgrade
  • Custom development of product pages, category pages
  • Customized Klevu search results
  • Search by vehicle model and VIN
  • Сustomization of three different checkouts


  • Akeneo integration and customization
  • Visma.net custom integration
  • Product Review Reminder
  • Custom Google Tag Manager
  • Tradetracker

Magento 1 website migration to Magento 2


The customer decided to migrate their website to Magento 2 for several reasons:


  • Magento no longer offered support for Magento 1.
  • They wanted to switch to Magento Cloud hosting that was not available for Magento 1.
  • The website reached its performance limit and the company wanted to expand it.


The migration process consisted of three main steps:


  • Migration of the store data – product data, customer data (orders and personal information)
  • Migration of the theme – it was transferred and adapted to the new Magento version
  • Migration of customer-specific functionalities such as deliveries, marketing tools, etc.


The migration process was complicated by the fact that a certain number of pages were created with WordPress. The BelVG developers configured the Magento Page Builder, with the help of which they migrated around 100 pages for the 6 company shops in different languages.


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WordPress blog integration


The blog is a significant part of Ekstralys marketing strategy. The old version of the online store was already integrated with a WordPress blog that had a number of third-party plugins and shortcodes for posting. The code of these elements was licensed so we couldn’t transfer it to the new website and even see what exactly they were used for.


Our developers tracked down all the pages with this code and analyzed the elements to understand what functionality they were responsible for. Then we built our own modules for the new site that had the same functions as the old ones. We also integrated the WordPress Page Builder for easier article publishing.


Forum update and migration to another server


Ekstralys has a large forum about vehicles in the Norwegian market. Their customers discuss the company’s products, technology in general, but also remote hobbies and travel topics. We upgraded this forum and moved it to another server.


  • The BelVG specialists did an audit to find the weak points.
  • We removed old user accounts that had not been used for a long time.
  • The team removed unused elements from the code.
  • The developers integrated Elasticsearch, which speeds up searches in large amounts of data.


All these improved the speed of the website and made it more comfortable for users.

Ekstralys user case

Custom category page


After integrating the blog, the client requested to edit the category page and make it more user-friendly.


  • The developers integrated and adapted the BelVG Infinite Scroll Module. The page loads gradually, which increases the speed of the website.
  • A mouseover effect was also implemented. When users hover over a product card, they see the following image of the product. It makes the website more user-friendly allowing visitors to find out more about a product without opening the product page. It makes the website user-friendly and potentially increases the conversion rate.
  • The BelVG team has added labels that show discounts on goods. The team set them up so they show either the percentage of the discount or the money saved, depending on what is chosen in the admin panel.
  • We developed a module for editing price suffixes for different stores: Norway has, -, Sweden has :-, and Finland has €. Now Ekstralys can control how the suffix is displayed in the frontend for each store view. The system also controls symbols after the comma. For example, there are no cents in Norway, so the prices have to be integral, without commas and numbers after them.
Ekstralys catalog

Custom development for pages with configurable products


Work on the product page has been focused on encouraging the customer to purchase. We’ve made the following adjustments for the purpose:


  • Ekstralys’ task was to set up automatic configuration selection. The BelVG developers created two ways to choose the default configuration for the product. The first one implies that the most popular configuration is selected automatically. The second option is for the shop managers to set up a standard configuration via the admin panel. This functionality ensures the customer sees the most popular configuration option and increases the chances of a purchase.
  • The BelVG team also added functionality that shows the number of products left in stock for each configuration. If there are few products available, users who need the product will make a quicker decision to buy. For B2B shops the number is exact, B2C customers can only see if there are more than 100 items in stock.
  • Our developers also set up the feature to change the product URL depending on the chosen configuration. It is beneficial both for SEO and marketing. Such links are indexed by search engines and create a good basis for promoting long-tail keywords. It is also easier for users to share the product as it allows opening already chosen options via links to configurable products.
Ekstralys Akeneo integration

Akeneo integration for the management of product data


Ekstralys offers its customers a wide range of products that are both simple and configurable. Since Ekstralys is a multi store where each store has its own range of products and pricing rules, the company decided to simplify the creation and management of products through a third-party service. We chose Akeneo for this. BelVG installed and customized the extension.


Import setup and synchronization in Akeneo




When a manager added a product through Akeneo, they would have to fill in all of the product information fields. But not all attributes apply to each product. Filling all of them might have led to the issues in the category filter.




The BelVG developers added “0” and “no value” attribute options for the fields that do not fit for some products. So when the managers add products, irrelevant fields are left blank. We also ensured these values are omitted during the import. Because they could mess up filters and product pages.

Ekstralys Akeneo integration 2



If the shop manager changed a field with product information, its URL got replaced by a new one. As Akeneo works directly with the database, its standard function implies that the extension creates a new URL automatically deleting an old one. So the original URL caused a 404 error. It was wrong from an SEO point of view because the original URL contained keywords, which were replaced by other characters in the new URL, and also indexing of many 404-pages has an impact on website ranking.



The BelVG developers changed that standard functionality. They made the system to compare the URLs that were already in the database and the ones just imported. If the URLs were the same the system didn’t do anything. If the URLs were different we created a new URL and formed a 301 redirect from the old URL.




Since it is multistore, each shop has its own set of product attributes. It was mostly discounts, as Ekstralys offers different marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C online shops.




We implemented a custom product synchronization between the stores. So the managers could set the attributes in the admin panel for each storefront.

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    Visma.net integration




    The next task was to integrate the ERP system Visma.net with the Magento 2 website. The system allows managing orders and products. When the order is made on the website, it appears in Visma, where managers process them and accept payment. But there are different payment rules on the website for B2B and B2C customers as well as different rules for different regions. Also, the price of bulky goods includes shipping surcharges, which must be taken into account when transferring data from Magento to the system. That is why Ekstralys needed a custom integration.




    We developed a custom module to integrate Visma.net with the Magento 2 website. The module gathers all the data, including special prices and surcharges, processes them, and sends them to the required fields. As a result, all the data is displayed in the ERP system, so managers can process orders correctly.

    Ekstralys 9

    Klevo Search and its moderation


    The BelVG developers integrated Klevu Search into the website. It is an AI engine that eases up the search for the customer. Klevu AI analyzes real-time user behavior and displays products that fit their preferences, such as brand or price range.


    The BelVG developers customized the search results. We add key characteristics of the product, different prices for every storefront, and also add WordPress articles to the search results.

    Search by vehicle model and VIN


    Ekstralys wanted to make the search easier for the customers. The task was to create functionality that allows users to just specify the VIN, or enter the make, model, and year of vehicle manufacturing. The dropdown search will suggest the correct vehicle parts based on the provided information, displaying all products that match the selected vehicle.


    The BelVG team used the vehicle identification number (VIN) as the basis for this system. In the shop’s database, the code is linked not only to the brand, model, and year of manufacture but also to the products that match the vehicle model.


    When a user types in a model, the search engine connects with the database and finds suitable products. Shop operators can also view and edit this data for each model by simply entering the VIN in the admin area of the website.

    Ekstralys Klevo

    Marketing and Sales Tracking


    After that Ekstralys wanted to focus on optimizing marketing and tracking sales. We chose following integrations for this:


    • Product Review Reminder. The feature that automatically sends customers an email asking them to leave a review for the product shortly after the purchase. This extension also allows you to send a coupon for the next purchase.
    • Tradetracker. It is an extension to manage and analyze online ads, other marketing campaigns.
    • Google Tag Manager. We reconfigured it according to Ekstralys’s requirements. BelVG developers added many events such as: product configuration to know which one is the most popular, the opening of certain categories and the functionality to automatically calculate the net profit of the store.
    Ekstralys Marketing Tracker

    Checkout and deliveries for B2B / B2C shops


    The choice of checkout, delivery, and payment also depended on the customer group and if it is a B2B or B2C customer.


    For B2C shops, The BelVG developers integrated Klarna Checkout. To improve usability, the technical team also changed the view of the checkout by combining it with the shopping cart. On one page, users can now:


    • Change the number of products, and remove products they are not going to buy.
    • Choose the shipping and payment methods.


    We also implemented the support of the Greenland addresses and configured a custom delivery for the region as not all shipping carriers are operating there.


    For B2B shops, we set up a one-step checkout and changed the process of filling in the data. By default in Magento, users have to enter the delivery address first, and then the billing address. In the Ekstralys checkout, the first user’s step is to enter the billing address and the next step is to either save this address as the delivery address or enter a different delivery point.

    Ekstralys checkout
    Ekstralys user case

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    Website performance

    We migrated the website to a newer platform, made it faster and deleted old features that slowed it down.

    Automation for multi store

    We implemented Akeneo to manage product information in different channels and simplified the product adding via the service.

    Integration with ERP

    Custom integration with Visma.net that allows gather all the data from multiple storefronts in one system.


    We simplified the checkout for both B2B and B2C customers, we implemented a mouseover effect for the product pictures on the category pages, dropdown search and possibility to find the products that are perfectly fit for the vehicle using VIN code.

    SEO optimization

    During the migration we kept original SEO data of the products and categories, we linked old pages to the new ones, keeping the site in the same search results positions as before the migration. We also improved schema.org according to 2021 standards and significantly increased website rating on GooglePage Speed - we got plus 90 points for desktop and got GTmetrix to A Rating.

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