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A great choice of stylish clothing

Articleand is a New York-based fashion online store selling apparel. Here you can find a full range of women’s clothing, shoes and a wide variety of fancy accessories. The store offers a great choice of unique stylish and affordable clothing by modern designers and brands from the United States and abroad.  If you are desperate for something new and trendy at a reasonable price, you should take a look at


Any efficient website has a set of functions to provide customers with the finest online shopping experience. The BelVG developers upgraded the Artcile&’s site to the latest Magento version and integrated some beneficial features. Currently, the website contains CrazyEgg for visualization of visits, Amazon CloudFront for content delivery and the Facebook like button for getting additional traffic. There are also features for profitable marketing and advertising strategies. They include Facebook Pixel, which is a conversion tracking system for ads on Facebook and the AdRoll retargeting platform for advertising. The website has a MailChimp integration for mailing list delivery and support service. To evaluate mail performance, the Mandrill application is integrated. Hosting on the Apache web server provides reliable data storage.


Magento UI/UX Audit


The BelVG specialists conducted a comprehensive UI and UX Audit for the company’s Magento webstore to identify the difficulties of user interaction with the interface. Before our team started taking important actions including speed optimization, integration, and providing technical support, we detected all the vulnerabilities that needed to be improved. As a result, we developed a set of recommendations and a plan for taking the necessary measures.


Conducting an audit includes several objectives. First and foremost, we uncover obstacles that slow down the users’ movement on the pages, as well as the reasons for leaving. Then, we encourage users to become potential buyers. And finally, we strive to increase the project’s competitiveness.


Magento Version Upgrade


The work with the client started with an urgent request to upgrade an existing store up to the latest Magento version with all security patches and extensions. We successfully accomplished the task and made the store up-to-date. Updating a site helps to improve its security. The new security patches can prevent the leak of the customers’ data, along with the emergence of viruses and spam. Moreover, upgrades make the site more modern and advanced, which has a beneficial effect on the customers’ impression and their attitude to the brand.


If you are looking for a high-quality site update without any problems, then contact the BelVG agency. Our qualified developers will turn your website into a powerful online sales tool for business. Upgrade to the new version will expand the business’s boundaries so that nothing can hinder its development. A company with a modern, advanced, and user-friendly website always wins.


Magento Development


Updating the Articleand’s e-commerce webstore was accompanied by the site’s redesign, installation of necessary integrations, and frontend development with corresponding backend support. Along with the desktop store version, we took special care of the mobile one keeping it neat and stylish. The client gave preference to the classic step-by-step checkout look which we developed according to the website design.


The home page is the first thing that influences a client’s impression and we didn’t leave it unnoticed. Our team worked on the website header, menu, main slider, images of products, and footer in both desktop and mobile versions. As a result, we have improved fonts, images, and icons that create a functional and stylish home page. Our developers also paid attention to the product page to make it more practical. The tabs, the social media as well as the whole page style were either added or adjusted by the BelVG certified Magento developers.


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