Magento Integrations for Zodee

Premier destination for brand name lingerie, swimwear, and activewear in Australia

Zodee is a leading Australia-based online retailer of brand-name lingerie, shapewear, swimwear and activewear. Since 1998, the company has been providing high-quality apparel from more than 200 top brands. Their products are fashionable, comfortable and affordable at the same time. In addition, Zodee has a wide variety of underwear, swimwear and accessories for men, kids and babies. For customers’ convenience, Zodee delivers and ships goods to any part of the world.


Keeping website performance at a high level was particularly important for Zodee, since their Magento store is a large-scale one. The website had to be efficient enough to handle the growing volume of orders. BelVG was the right partner to help with the issue, so we started to cooperate. At present, Zodee’s store, which is based on Magento Enterprise, is powered by a lot of top-notch features, which allows the company to keep it highly efficient and easy to maintain. One of the features is the New Relic dashboard that allows to track user behavior, as well as monitor application health. Zendesk Chat ensures timely client support and Zendesk email hosting simplifies support requests management. Besides, the Cloudflare CDN is used to serve content to the users as quickly as possible. Advertisement and marketing integrations include the DoubleClick.net tool for targeted online advertising, the TrustPilot integration to share real customer reviews, and the AddThis widget to allow visitors to save and promote the webstore content. Email marketing is streamlined by the MailChimp integration for email marketing automation and the Mailgun email hosting, which allows the merchants to send, receive, store, and track email campaigns. Moreover, PayPal payments enable online payments, and the Australia Post Shipping integration facilitates local delivery. Zodee’s Magento store is deployed on Amazon Web Hosting and Cloudflare hosting.


Magento Integration


User satisfaction and sales growth are directly influenced by how user-friendly, quick and efficient a website is. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to keep website appearance and performance at the top level, especially for big companies with a high volume of orders. As a large-scale online store, Zodee wanted to ensure that their application was able to withstand the growing traffic load.


Since the BelVG team started working with Zodee, the store has grown even bigger with approximately 25-30 thousand unique visitors per hour. The website performance is stable, because the store is split among 5 servers. As for user experience, Zodee’s store is integrated with the Fredhopper system, which is a multi-purpose platform that enables AI-powered search together with personalization, customization, navigation and merchandising. Moreover, the BelVG developers have installed over 40 custom modules to cover multiple user experience and workflow optimization purposes.


Magento Web Design


Frontend requires attention, especially in industries with a high level of competition such as fashion. Partnering with Zodee, one of the primary tasks was to develop web design for their Magento store. The task was a challenging one since the store was integrated with the Fredhopper system, which needed to be compatible with all the website components. The solution was the development of a tailor-made Magento 2 theme and its complete integration with the Zodee’s store.


The theme had to fulfil all the modern requirements and also be scalable for the increased number of products. The BelVG team worked hard to meet these demands and created a responsive, user-friendly theme with cross-browser compatibility to guarantee great experience for users of all types of browsers and devices. In order to maintain the same webstore functionality and, what was significant, keep the Fredhopper platform working well, the theme was configured so as to ensure compatibility with all the integrations and widgets. As a result, the custom theme for Zodee’s online store provides a modern, user-friendly website appearance, as well as full integration with the website functionality.


Magento Customization


Zodee’s Magento store had a lot of visitors and orders, so the traffic load was very high. For this reason, website speed and performance optimization were a matter of great concern. The BelVG team had a few solutions to the issue. At first, our developers applied, configured and customized the Full Cache Page extension, which is built in Magento. The extension decreases page loading time and, therefore, improves user experience. However, applying Full Cache Page was not enough to solve the issues with traffic overload and improve website performance.


The final solution turned out to be perfect for this project. The BelVG team decided to spread the traffic load among 5 servers, which improved website speed greatly. This know-how worked well, so we still apply it in similar cases. Moving from the ASP system was a complex task. Our developers transferred all the records for shop items, categories, customer, and order databases – the total count was over 2 million records. After our productive partnership, the BelVG team still maintains good relationships with Zodee and hopes to continue cooperation in the future.


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