Zizzz is a family business based in Switzerland. A married couple started it six years ago when their daughter was born and they realized, how important comfortable sleep was both for babies and parents. That’s why they established a company specialized in babies beddings. They offer baby sleeping bags, blankets, duvets and pajamas in their catalog, duvets for adults are also available. All products are made from Swisswool, 100% natural and breathable material.

  • Magento 2
  • 10Months
  • 4Developers

Mobile responsive

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Zizzz is a multi-store and 7-in-1 website: zizzz.eu, zizzz.de, zizzz.es, zizzz.fr, zizzz.nl, zizzz.ch, zizzz.co.uk. Our main task was to migrate the site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as well as update the design and keep the core functionality of the site.


Since it wasn’t a simple project, we divide it into several parts to be sure that we didn’t miss anything. Daily and weekly reports helped client to be informed about the project phases.

Back end

As it is a multi-store with five language versions, three currencies and tax regimes, and two stock locations, we realized the migration procedure extremely carefully to avoid data loss.

When this step was done, we started working under adding all necessary functionality:

  • payment systems integration with Magento 2 version;
  • integration of payment per invoice provider;
  • language switcher creation and integration;
  • various extensions installation and configuration;
  • blog integration;
  • CMS pages customization;
  • automatic PDF invoice creation for various groups of customers;
  • integration of payment per invoice provider;
  • one step checkout configuration;
  • pop up messages for newsletter subscription;
  • flaw solving.

Front end

Client wanted the webstores to look modern and cute. Taking into account all specificities of the project, we customized Luma theme and make it suitable for all languages.

The successful projects are usually the result of client and developers teamwork. Zizzz owners were involved in webstore development and learning training to deal with Magento 2 platform.