Shopify Bug Fixing for Xtreme Mats

Protection against damage

Xtreme Mats is a company that has offered the products for the clients to provide protection against damage since 2013. It is headquartered in Central Florida, USA. Their warehouse comprises 101,000+ newly constructed square feet where they package and distribute golf cart mats, under sink cabinet mats and water sensors for cabinets in kitchen and bathroom. What is more, Xtreme Mats made a decision to produce full-coverage aftermarket mats for golf carts in order to keep the OEM flooring safe.


The Xtreme Mats company reached out to us to help them with their ecommerce website. The main services that were provided by us were audit, plugin update, bug fixing and support services. The website contains Secomapp conversion optimization service for Shopify sites, Hotjar integration as a heatmap, survey, feedback and funnel application and Omnisend ecommerce marketing automation platform. Besides, campaign measurement solution Bing Universal Event Tracking allows the sellers to track key conversion goals and the CallRail widget is implemented for phone call tracking, recording and analytics. AdRoll is a tool for Shopify to attract new audiences and convert the site abandoners. Several shipping integrations are used on the website, such as USA and Canada Shipping in Shopify, as well as FedEx, USPS, UPS shipping integrations. Besides, the online store accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Amazon Payments, Venmo digital wallet and Shopify Pay. The website has the possibility to display embedded videos from YouTube and uses Cloudflare hosting and Cloudflare web server.


Shopify Audit


Conducting a thorough Shopify Audit is necessary for an ecommerce website because it helps gain a better understanding of the webstore’s vulnerabilities and the areas that need to be improved. We performed an effective audit that included several stages and managed to create a detailed report afterwards. In the report our Shopify experts outlined not only the drawbacks of the system, but also the ways to improve them.


The BelVG software engineers carried out the audit in the following steps. First of all, we checked how the online store performed regarding such indicators as conversion rates, the time that users spent on the website, the pages they visited and how well the website was doing in comparison with the competitors. Then, we conducted a UX part of the sudit and checked the usability, accessibility and page speed of the online store. Afterwards, we paid attention to SEO and analyzed the written content and imagery and how those factors affected the performance of the online store.


Shopify Bug Fixing


For an ecommerce website it is of pivotal importance to work smoothly and flawlessly. If customers spot bugs and the key elements of the shop are displayed incorrectly, it leaves a poor impression and they can turn to your competitors to get better customer experience. Besides, there is always a danger that even minor errors on pages can disrupt the purchasing process and prevent the clients from successful checkout.


The Xtreme Mats company asked our Shopify software engineers to perform bug fixing so that their customers could enjoy a reliable website without layout bugs and faulty interactive features. After completing our task, we made sure that no errors exist on the Xtreme Mats website anymore, and the clients can make purchases easily on the attractive user-friendly website with no obstacles.


Shopify Support


For a Shopify-based ecommerce website it is necessary to provide timely support services. The merchants who own online shops renew the product lists and catalogues and make updates that need to be displayed correctly in the system. To ensure reliability and trouble-free performance, the support services are obligatory.


Thanks to the support by BelVG Shopify developers, the Xtreme Mats company got a stable ecommerce website that functions properly. First of all, all conflicts in the system and databases issues were resolved. Then, we applied the latest changes to the store and ensured that every element in the store is compatible with the others and everything works smoothly. A reliable website leads to increased customer satisfaction and, as a result, more revenue for the company.

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