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Klaviyo Shopify Integration for Twisted Lily

True fragrance achievement of nature

Twisted Lily is all about natural fragrances and freshness. The brand started its path over 5 years ago looking for natural and indie fragrances from all over the world. Twisted Lily provides its customers with perfect quality perfumes, home diffusers, room sprays, candles, detergents and more. The brand also features unique apothecary products – indie skin care and beauty lines – delivering pleasant odor experience to all their customers.


Wondering how to reach more indie fragrance lovers, Twisted Lily found a reliable ecommerce partner – the BelVG team. Twisted Lily needed a website with the fresh functionality and modern ideas. We did everything according to their plan, and now their loyal customers and users can enjoy quality services and products at ease. We customized their website, so their customers can enjoy Stripe to make purchases fast. The BelVG developers improved the Shopify front end, having customized the product slider and product price range display on category. Twisted Lily can relish Klaviyo Shopify integration, MailChimp for email marketing automation and SessionCam solutions that change user experience at once. The brand got an optimized website with an increased page speed by 56%.

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Shopify Store Customization


Make your website stand out in Google, Bing or Yahoo – wherever your customers are. BelVG can customize any Shopify website following the latest ecommerce trends. Twisted Lily got several front end improvements. We customized their product slider to make a website seem more appealing to the customers, as well as product price range display on category to make it more convenient. Both customizations can be useful to boost conversions of the website. Twisted Lily also has Magnific Popup – a lightbox and dialog script that focuses on website performance and provides the best experience for users of any devices. The Twisted Lily website has a solution that allows talking to customers, partners and users – MailChimp. It is an all-in-one solution for ecommerce that focuses on powerful data analysis and contact management practices.


To win the ecommerce race, businesses need to keep their online stores not just up-to-date but above the competitors. The BelVG developers understand how the ecommerce industry works. We can not only customize anything you want, but also show what tools and functions can boost your sales.

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Klaviyo Shopify Integration


Success of any business depends on customers and their satisfaction. Integrating your online store with top-notch solutions, you invest in good customer experience. The more functional a website is, the more customers will desire to be coming back again and again. That was the main goal of Twisted Lily. The company wanted to provide customers with a safe and easy-to-use payment gateway. Twisted Lily integrated their online store with Stripe Payment to allow transferring money to accounts using credit or debit cards. What is more, Twisted Lily enjoys a leading marketing solution designed specifically for ecommerce – Klaviyo Shopify integration. It is a platform to effectively target, monitor and optimize marketing campaigns. It includes side tracking, drag-and-drop email designs, custom activity fields, segmentation, ROI-based reporting, 360 degree customer profiles, 1-click integrations and many more.


Our expertise in ecommerce and Shopify make BelVG a reliable partner for any business – from small and large-scale companies. We have a dedicated team of developers who understand how to integrate your Shopify store and make every part of it work for you.

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Shopify Optimization


If you want to boost conversions and sales, you need to rank higher in search engines – reaching the top 10 in searches is the dream of any ecommerce merchant. To make it real, you need to optimize your website. Shopify optimization for Twisted Lily delivered an increase in web presence. To understand how the Twisted Lily’s customers surf on their website, their team has SessionCam – a behavior tracking tool. It allows recording and playing back any activity on your website even if visitors do not interact with the site. Using SessionCam, Twisted Lily can generate heatmaps and view conversion funnels. The solution allows sending the collected data into other systems for further analysis. A perfect solution for any business type.


Want your business to be on top? Ask BelVG how. Our developers, designers and ecommerce enthusiasts will optimize your Shopify online store to let it reach the highest results. The BelVG team will empower your brand, so be ready to serve each customer.

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