T leaf T is the home of New Zealand’s teas and infusions

Migration to Magento 2 within 2 weeks

About t Leaf T


Back in 1995, John and Amanda Van Gorp visited tea gardens around the world to create a diverse collection of teas that they would sell in their store. It is how the t Leaf T company was born. Today, this brand offers customers over 160 teas and tea products. It is considered the most trusted tea company in New Zealand.


Project overview


The BelVG team has been supporting the t leaf T website since 2015. In 2019, we received a task to securely migrate the Magento 1 website to Magento 2 as soon as possible. Our team managed to transfer all the data within just two weeks. To improve design, we installed a third party theme and adjusted it to meet the business owner’s website vision. Currently, our developers maintain the t leaf T website, ensure an unstoppable performance and keep all extensions up to date.



t leaf T


New Zealand


Food & Drinks



Services & notable features

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Code review and optimization
  • Security check and updates
  • Ongoing support for Magento 2


  • PayPal integration
  • Captcha integration

M2 migration: challenges

 1. One of the challenges regarding website’s migration was the amount of data. The migrated data included over:


  • 27000 users with all their accounts’ information
  • 60000 orders and price rules
  • 1500 products


2. The t Leaf T Magento 1 website was powered up by 73 modules. Only a part of them was suitable for migration.


3. The customer requested the migration to M2 to be carried out as quickly as possible.

M2 migration: how we did it


1. The first step in migration is always data transferring. Since the deadline was tight, our developers used the automated deployment tool. It ensured fast and secure transferring of large amounts of data. Besides that, every new order or account created on the Magento 1 website in the time of migration was automatically transferred to Magento 2. It allowed our client to avoid any data-related difficulties.


2. To save time, we migrated the third-party theme installed on the M1 website to the M2 one. Some changes were applied to improve usability and fresh up the design, giving it an up-to-data look.


3. When it came to transferring the extensions, first we carried out a code review to define which of them were no longer necessary. 10 out of 73 were deleted. Then, the BelVG team migrated all the modules that were useful and matched Magento 2 requirements – about 30 modules. For the rest, we had to search for alternatives compatible with Magento 2. As a result, we saved all the required functionalities.


4. The complete migration took 2 weeks. When data transferring was over, the website just had to wait for PCI compliance confirmation. We implemented the necessary adjustments and then the website went live.


Automatic redirect after payments




When a user makes a purchase, their status within the system is changed. In their personal profile they see a notification that the payment was successful.


However, it was discovered that for some users the status in the system remained the same even though the payment was completed and the item was ordered. The main issue was that some of these customers paid for the goods and then didn’t come back to the site. It resulted in the non-changing status.




The BelVG developers implemented an obligatory redirect from the payment page to the website page after the successful payment. So after paying, the user will return to the website and it will make the status change automatically.

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    Overall security improvement


    First, our team reviewed the security of the entire website. This check discovered that the wishlist required improvement. Then we started to work on the security of wishlist users’ data.


    The BelVG developers took care of Stored Self-Cross Site Scripting, Self Stored HTML Content Injection and Security Headers. Any information entered by a user is now also verified on the server side. It prevents third parties from changing the content of the website or stealing personal data. We also added an extra authorization check. Without it, a logged-in user would be able to delete another user’s wish list. Initially, this issue was caused by external interference with their old Magento 1 website. Improved security eliminated such issues.


    Ongoing Magento support


    With both Backend and Frontend developers in the team, we install regular security updates, take care of website optimization and implement new functions upon request. Working on the t Leaf T website, we also handled the following:


    1. Improved the filter on category pages.

    2. Expanded the standard ordering API and added the function for leaving gift messages and choosing the gift wrap.


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