Magento 2 Marketplace for Tentation Fromage

Leading cheese marketplace in France

Tentation Fromage is the leading cheese marketplace in France. It offers the largest selection of cheeses in the country and an exclusive monthly subscription for a specialty cheese box. It is the only cheese factory that lets you discover cheeses every month accompanied by a bottle of wine and an assortment of artisanal meats. All the cheeses are selected for their great taste according to the traditional know-how of the best cheese producers. Tentation Fromage ships the cheeses throughout France and 6 countries in Europe preserving the outstanding quality thanks to a unique isothermal packaging.


The company was searching for experienced Magento developers who could help them develop a top-notch marketplace for their ecommerce website. We performed custom Magento 2 marketplace development, installed Webkul multi-vendor module and integrated payment methods. Currently, the website uses DoubleClick digital marketing tool and Google Remarketing is implemented for retargeting-based advertising. Hotjar analytics instrument allows the merchants to see how visitors are really using the website, collect their feedback and turn more visitors into buyers. Besides, the webshop uses MailChimp mailing list delivery and support service. Thanks to Facebook Custom Audiences sellers can reach people who visit the website and deliver the right message to them on Facebook. The website uses Apache 2.2.3 web server and OVH Canadian hosting.


Webkul multi-vendor module for Magento 2


Our Magento software engineers installed the Webkul extension which transforms the existing online store into a large shopping mall marketplace with a number of different merchants. Thanks to it the company can manage product listings, inventory and orders easily, as well as introduce add-ons, shipping and payment integrations. Besides, suppliers can add different types of products, including simple, configurable, virtual and downloadable ones, and get feedback and rating as well.


The extension also provides out of the box commission management for the business owners, with which you can define specific commission based on global, category, product, or vendor level. The vendor SEF URL and SEO management option is available as well, which is beneficial for google robots and user-friendly at the same time. To keep the customers and managers informed about seller approval, product approval, and orders the module automatically sends notifications. To manage the order and generate the invoice, sellers can use the history and order management option that facilitates purchasing and shipment process.


Marketplace customization


The BelVG team of certified Magento developers tended to the first-rate marketplace customization. As per request by our customer, we customized the Webkul marketplace and released the site based on Magento 2. A clean and attractive marketplace design was created in accordance with the company’s brand look. An appealing landing page that you can implement in Webkul is extremely important if you aspire to attract the attention of the buyers and increase brand awareness.


Moreover, the Webkul module allows other extensive opportunities to adjust the features to your tastes and requirements. Such options as custom transactional emails can be introduced in the back-end. New email templates appear on the grid and can be selected from the drop-down. With better UI/UX and quality experience, your shop gets more customer satisfaction and your visitors are more inclined to convert to loyal customers.


Payment methods integration


To be successful and cater to the needs of your customers better, an ecommerce website should offer opportunities to streamline the purchasing and make the payment process quick and secure. The marketplace operates as a marketing company that charges sellers a commission for each successful purchase made on the website.


One of the most complicated tasks we performed for Tentation Fromage was the integration of payment methods. The major difficulty was to allow payment retransfer from the marketplace owner to seller. However, we accepted the challenge and managed payment methods integration successfully so that the Tentation Fromage’s clients can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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