Tecmagex is a French online gun shop with more than 20 years of experience. It has a rich selection of handguns, gun care, centerfire rifles, gun safes, optics, self defense, emergency and survival gears, available for purchasing online. Tecmagex provides hunters and gun enthusiasts with the latest models from iconic brands such as Smith & Wesson, Benelli, Beretta, Winchester and many others. The core value Tecmagex adheres to is responsible gun ownership. This is why the website carries a wide range of quality manuals and books, detailed product descriptions accompanied by a safe and secure way of purchasing.

Mobile responsive

Due to the fact that almost half of all visitors use mobile devices to look through the website, it was very important to make a responsive design. Whatever device you would want to use, it will look amazing and convenient for navigation.

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Magento Theme development

Tecmagex company has been working in the market since 1997. During all these years they were always interested in newly established technologies and available business opportunities. Magento-based online store was one of them. Having launched their first ecommerce website more than ten years ago, Tecmagex researched the market and realized that their webstore needed an update and a completely new design was required. They contacted BelVG with an aim to have a fresh and clear design. Working in close cooperation together, we created a fully responsive Magento template, that met all Tecmagex requirements about how their webstore should look like.

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Magento Support & Maintenance

It is impossible to create a modern webstore when running an outdated platform. Taking advantage of the latest version means working with the most up-to-day extensions and security patches. BelVG started its collaboration with Tecmagex by upgrading the platform version. It allowed us to improve the webstore, to increase its functionality and to embed a number of features that the client wanted. Thus, the development team added a dealer locator to the Tecmagex’s dedicated wholesale site. The integration with the client’s mailing list was also improved significantly. As the company’s webstore is multilingual, special attention was paid to translating all the pages and information blocks. Our collaboration with Tecmagex is ongoing and we are still working together to make their online store even better.

Magento speed and optimization

The significant part of webstore development deals with its optimization. Done correctly, it helps to improve the key metrics of the online store, such as increased load time which is extremely important. To achieve this goal, BelVG started with server optimization. After making a thorough server audit, some bottleneck places in the code were found and resolved. We also optimized the SQL queries to fetch large data collections. Another part of speed increasing dealt with cache optimization. It was achieved by adding an extra cache to several places, which should not be updated too often. Such tweaks allowed Tecmagex to noticeably increase their webstore and grow their business.

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