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Distinguished jewellery storage tailored to your tastes

Stackers is a British company established 10 years ago with the aim to create outstanding jewellery storage and flexible bag collection for travel, home and cosmetics that let you keep every aspect of your life organized in a sophisticated way. The primary idea behind the creation of Stackers is that everything has its own place and can be stored gracefully. The company can boast of long-standing highly-qualified staff with huge experience in design and manufacturing of truly remarkable products. Stackers storage boxes and bags are popular among contemporary influencers and celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Marie Kondo and Mrs. Hinch Home. Providing respect and care for social issues, the company works with a variety of charity organizations such as Women for Women UK, Refuge Charity, Movember, Operation Christmas Child.


Stackers was looking for a team of experienced ecommerce specialists and found our BelVG Magento certified professionals to help them with their website improvement. We resolved several style issues, and carried out a number of frontend fixes after the merging. A special Guest wishlist option was implemented to enhance the user experience of the customers. Moreover, a Coupon code customization feature was added which allows you to introduce changes according to your preferences. Postcode lookup makes the ordering process faster and easier. Besides, more than 400 alignment issues and frontend bugs were successfully resolved.


Custom Magento solutions


Our BelVG team consists of experienced Magento certified developers who are true high-fliers in the field of custom ecommerce development. Stackers asked our company to upgrade their online store and enhance its features to improve the shopping experience of their clients. A special coupon code customization was implemented by our mature Magento developers to help make adjustments to the design of  the coupon according to personal preferences. With the unique Postcode lookup feature introduced by our high-profile team the clients can identify the necessary postcode easier which significantly improves the shopping experience leading to the increased customer satisfaction. Several tools are used for analytics and tracking purposes. For instance,  Hotjar is implemented as a heatmap, survey and funnel application that can help with feedback forms, surveys, conversion optimization and audience measurement.


As per the request of Stackers, our devoted team of seasoned professionals also added Guest wishlist feature which allows to add products to the wishlist even if the user is unlogged ensuring that clients save all the products they want anytime they visit the Stackers online store. This feature is highly advisable, if you are aspiring to raise the conversion rate, which is the result of providing your clients with the access to the wishlists and move the selected products to the basket when they are ready to place an order. With Klaviyo tool, which is used, as a rule,  for simplifying the automation of personalized emails, Stackers can enjoy a proper visual drag-and-drop builder for designing a variety of emails for marketing campaigns with the fat stack of integrations at the same time. Google Optimize 360 allows you to test different variations of an ecommerce website and then tailor it in order to deliver the best personalized experience for each customer.


Magento 2 Bug Fixing


Stackers asked our team of talented software engineers who are experts in the ecommerce field to improve the performance of their website and take it to the next level. Several style issues and frontend fixes were performed by our team. In addition, more than 400 alignment issues and frontend bugs were successfully resolved. Stackers has advanced features that enhance the performance of their website. For example, PayPal Marketing Solutions is used as a powerful tool designed to help increase the sales that offers PayPal credit options, as well as Fast Checkout and Venmo Accept opportunities. What is more, with this tool you can use such options as cart abandonment, conversion optimization and marketing automation, providing you with valuable insight on how to make your ecommerce website more effective.


Moreover, other merchant systems are used for conducting payments as SagePay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The Stackers website is extremely mobile compatible and contains the code that allows supports mobile content. Thanks to the profound Google API usage statistics the sellers can provide interaction with many API Google providers. With Facebook Conversion Tracking the company can track advertisement clicks in order to improve the conversion rates of the ecommerce website, and Facebook Pixel is used as a tool to track conversion for ads on Facebook to the website.


Magento 2 Support and Maintenance


Our experienced software engineers are experts in Magento development and support. We performed remarkable services for the company upgrading its performance and introducing the necessary changes to prevent technical issues and ensure smooth and stable work. Stackers has the website which is enhanced with various features that improve its performance. As the data connectivity service in marketing for data onboarding, transfer of offline data online LiveRamp is implemented.  RapLeaf provides explicit data about the email addresses and the customers behind them. Cloud IQ is used to optimize the cart abandonment performance. With MouseFlow the company can easily convey the regular audience measurement.


Cloud-based software New Relic helps online merchants track the performances of their shop. Thanks to the KISSmetrics, A/B testing, conversion and site optimization services are available. Intercom tool is used for feedback forms and conducting surveys, as well as for a ticketing system, and a social bookmarking service. AddThis is integrated into a website through a web widget with which visitors of the website can bookmark or share an item using a bunch of services, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, MySpace and Google Bookmarks. X-Frame-Options HTTP response header usually is used to avoid clickjacking attacks ensuring that the unique content is not embedded into other websites.


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