Migration to Magento 2 for Silent Disco King

Wireless headphones for the best silent events

It may seem that silence and fun are incompatible. Well, it used to be so before silent discos changed the world. You can love this fact or hate it, but you should definitely try their products. Silent Disco King, as one of the largest wireless headphones suppliers in the United Kingdom, is here to move your vision of parties to the entirely new level. Created in 2012, the company now works with the largest festivals like Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival, as well as small ones like ArcTanGent and 2K Trees. With plenty of headphones, transmitters and accessories in the catalog, Silent Disco King provides customers with well-thought-out packages for silent discos and cinemas, sports and fitness events, education and care homes. Shhh, let’s get the party started!


Silent Disco King is not a newbie in the ecommerce business. For the last few years, the company has been successfully running a Magento online store. Willing to keep the same platform, but still with the aim to improve the online store, Silent Disco King decided to upgrade to Magento 2 and turned to BelVG to manage this task. Our Magento certified software engineers upgraded the platform and customized it. Besides, the website is hosted on nginx proxy server and has MailChimp integration for email marketing automation, Intercom as a customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners.


Migration to Magento 2


It was not a regular Magento 2 migration when all data and functionality were transferred from the previous version of the platform to the newest one. It was a full-fledged Magento 2 development from scratch performed by a talented team of certified developers. Now Silent Disco King company is the owner of the stylish, effective and easy-to-use website with plenty of custom features that are described below.


We migrated the platform in a few steps. First of all, we imported the database including products, attributes, categories, customers and orders. Then, we managed the Magento theme according to the tastes of our client and defined the necessary customizations and configurations for the online store. Migration to Magento 2 helps scale the business and grow the revenue.


Magento 2 Development


Being a reliable headphones supplier, Silent Disco King paid particular attention to the product page design and functionality. Their main aim was to provide clients with all the information they may need before making a purchase. Working worldwide, the company couldn’t ignore cal wireless frequency regulations in different countries. Every headphone product page has a special region field, so it is impossible to add the product to the cart without choosing your region.


Every product in the Silent Disco King catalog has several features the company would like to highlight. Tooltip turned out to be the perfect solution. Despite the opportunity to change the tooltip both on the attribute and product level, we went further in its customisation. Featured information is always easier to perceive when it is complemented with visual elements. Following this idea, we added an opportunity to assign icons to every attribute and display it on the product and catalog pages.




Custom Magento Development


The importance of pricing policy is obvious and there are plenty of different techniques businesses could follow to gain customers. Left digit effect or odd pricing are probably the most popular and effective ones and Silent Disco King chose them for their online store. Our main task was to ensure that product prices would end in 99 and 49 no matter what currency customer would select – British pound, euro or US dollar. The default currency was displayed based on the customers’ location and IP.


Discounts and special offers are one of the most effective tools to win customers. As Silent Disco King works hard on clients loyalty, they want every product page to demonstrate it. For this purpose, BelVG developers extended the standard Buy X Get Y Free Magento promotion. Now, on every product page, customers can find information about the amount of discount (both as a percentage and monetary discount) depending on the product quantity. There is also a notification for customers to keep them aware of how much money they can save when buying a certain product quantity.




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Silent Disco King

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