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Danish largest selection of socks for every occasion

Since 2009, has been a well-known Danish retailer of socks, stockings and underwear for adults. The products are sold mainly to Scandinavian consumers. With special care and attention to the clients’ health, the company pays a lot of attention to eco-friendly materials. The company offers a rich selection of products supplied by well-known brands. When buying brand socks at Shopwithsocks, customers get a special warranty – if a sock is lost, the company promises to find a new one to replace it.


The Shopwithsocks company was looking for experienced Magento developers to improve their website. We managed custom Magento development for them and carried out support to ensure smooth and stable performance. The online store uses MailChimp integration for email marketing automation and Trustpilot integration for sharing real reviews. Besides, live chat app lets the merchants monitor the visitors and chat with them and Fancybox tool displays images, html content and multi-media. The website uses nginx proxy server and Apache web server.


Magento Support & Maintenance


The internal processes of webstore management are as important as customer user experience. The daily routine of an ecommerce retailer, such as products adding and orders fulfillment shouldn’t take a lot of time. The webstore navigation and design concept should be clear for both sellers and customers.


In successful ecommerce every single detail matters. During cooperation with Shopwithsocks, BelVG handled lots of minor tasks on an ongoing basis. Small improvements may seem insignificant and are usually ignored, but they play an important role for the whole project and help take the webstore to the next level.


Magento Development


It is impossible to run a successful ecommerce business with an outdated webstore. The online shop should be attractive and user-friendly responding to the major technical requirements. Magento provides lots of paid and free extensions to expand webstore functionality in all spheres.


Thanks to the flexibility of the platform and the abundance of ways to enrich the website performance we made the online store more relevant and up-to-date. It is essential to update all existing installations from time to time and manage their compatibility. This approach helps to avoid serious problems with the online store performance and saves time.


Custom Magento Development


When Shopwithsocks reached out to BelVG, they experienced dozens of minor problems with their online store. We fixed these issues, and the company decided to take all advantages of the Magento platform and implement some custom features to make their store more user-friendly.


BelVG improved the catalog and product page by adding all necessary blocks with information. Developers also facilitated the process of product search and adding items to the shopping cart. Customization of various autoresponders available for customers was also one of project tasks. After these improvements the Shopwithsocks’ clients got a more feature-rich and easy-to-use online store that provides excellent shopping experience.

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