Magento 2 Website Optimization for ShineRetrofits

A lighting expert

ShineRetrofits is an American provider of efficient lighting solutions and services, working with electricians, facility managers, and commercial building owners. The company’s competitive lightning products meet high-quality standards and have reasonable prices. The company helps find effective ways and methods of implementing lighting in clients’ projects. contains precise goods and services descriptions so that customers can determine what suits them best. The company’s employees use an individual approach and provide professional consultations on choosing the right lighting solution. Shineretrofits rely on three core values such as integrity, honesty, and great service.


To keep up with the times and offer their customers the finest service, the company decided to facilitate the website with modern useful features. The result of our cooperation is a significant site improvement. At present, has Klaviyo for customer lifecycle management, Klevu for organizing user-friendly site search, and Bugsnag for error capture. To make the interaction between the user and the site more convenient, it has an Amazon login option and Gorgias CMS customer support helpdesk system. The website also contains beneficial marketing tools to enhance the company’s marketing strategy. Sumo is used to reduce cart abandonment rate and increase average order value, while the CallRail widget ensures phone call tracking, recording, and analytics. The online store comprises programs for successful work with emails. They use Triggered Messaging, the New Relic integration, and MailChannels email hosting. For customers’ satisfaction, the company offers popular payment options, such as PayPal payments, Bolt payments, and Afterpay. The site is hosted on nginx proxy server.


Magento 2 Front End Development


High-quality Magento front end development is your website’s face. It forms the users’ first impression of a resource and influences their decision to stay and make a purchase or leave the site. While working with the Shineretrofits Magento website, we made certain theme modifications and provided adjustment and configuration services. BelVG agency helps partners to develop an excellent user interface and functionality. The result of our work is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that facilitates interaction and search for the desired section or information.


Being a developer means never stop learning. The BelVG specialists are passionate about development and the latest technologies. There’s always room for improvement, so we constantly enrich our knowledge and skills. Thanks to many years of experience, we know what kind of websites evoke people to buy your products, as well as how to create the website with high conversion rates and increased online revenue. Taking into account your project specificity, we will find advantageous solutions personally for you.


Magento 2 Website Optimization


Today, the Internet is replete with sites on a variety of topics. If you want the users to find your site, you need to keep the rating at a high level, which is facilitated by SEO optimization. BelVG delivered Magento 2 website optimization for Shineretrofits to raise the site’s position in search results. We carefully analyzed the site’s indicators, and then carried out a set of measures aimed at improving the situation. High-quality SEO optimization and site promotion in search engines allow potential visitors to get information about the resource.


Successful website advancement in search engines through optimization leads to increased traffic and more profit. The site’s statistics will show positive results, which indicates web resource ability to remain competitive in the modern Internet space. If you need a reliable and competent partner to optimize your online store, you have already found one. The BelVG agency will provide professional services to promote your web store so that it can successfully stand out from the competitors.


Magento 2 Support & Maintenance


Website development is the first step in growing your online business, the following should be technical support and maintenance. The main goal of the comprehensive site’s support is to ensure stable performance and prompt troubleshooting. The Shineretrofits company relied on the BelVG specialists to keep the site in working condition and ensure high level of security. We implement the latest patches and perform timely system updates. We also eliminate technical problems and fix bugs immediately.


The BelVG specialists are able to provide competent technical support. Clients and partners can visit your resource at any time and feel comfortable and protected. You will get an opportunity to take care of other important project development issues while we maintain your website’s uninterrupted operation. We offer a variety of technical support services and choose an individual approach during our work to make your website reliable and unique at the same time.

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